The dynamic development of technology, the generational changes in the labor market, the consequences brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, the fierce competition and the ongoing economic recession – all these factors have an impact on the daily work of HR departments, and especially on recruitment, which is evolving very quickly. Being aware of the trends that will play the most important role in hiring processes in the coming months will allow you to meet candidates’ expectations and stay ahead of the competition. What recruitment trends do you need to keep in mind in 2023? Read on to find out more.

Recruitment trends – table of contents:

  1. Remote recruitment
  2. Soft skills
  3. Artificial intelligence (AI)
  4. Social recruiting
  5. Employer branding
  6. Summary

Remote recruitment

Remote work has stopped to be a pandemic-enforced situation and has become an expected form of employment, which many companies find hard to accept (they’re still stuck with the idea that remote work is a benefit for the employee, not a standard in the workplace).

However, we can’t deny that remote work is here to stay as it responds to both employees’ and employers’ needs. Thus, we will undoubtedly see an increase in remote recruitment, which will force HR departments to look for opportunities to test the candidate’s knowledge and skills remotely, carry out effective onboarding, and then ensure productivity that brings the expected results.

Soft skills

The dynamic development of technology, taking over some tasks by artificial intelligence, as well as implementing automation and robotization in business means that less emphasis in recruitment is put on hard skills, and more attention is paid to soft skills.

Statistics indicate that by 2030, almost 70% of all jobs will require diverse soft skills (including creative thinking, self-presentation, public speaking, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills, etc.), as employees will perform tasks that need greater commitment.

What is more, in times of increased competition in the labor market, soft skills will give candidates an edge. Undoubtedly, they will be the most desirable qualities employers will look for in candidates in 2023.


Artificial intelligence (AI)

The popularity of artificial intelligence is constantly growing. It has already been used in various areas of business (e.g., data analytics, content marketing, customer service) – and in 2023 it will certainly be more present in recruitment.

Its task will be to support HR specialists in sourcing candidates on LinkedIn and selecting the best ones for further interviews (on the basis of the set criteria). Thus, activities previously performed by employees will be taken over by artificial intelligence, allowing recruiters to focus on other daily duties.

However, these are not the only possibilities of artificial intelligence – in recruitment it can also be used, among others, for creating job descriptions or even interviewing candidates and answering in real time the most basic questions related to the company and the position. This is how AI supports building a positive candidate experience.

Social recruiting

It is also expected that the number of employees sourced via social media will increase in the next year, due to the rapid growth of such platforms as LinkedIn. So far, employees of technology companies were most often sourced through this site, but every year more and more people notice the benefits of building a personal brand there.

For this reason, it is also worthwhile to look for candidates with other skills on social media. What is more, on social networking sites we can come across specialists who could be a great support to the company, but don’t respond to current job ads due to a lack of required experience. Searching for new employees has never been easier, and it can bring extremely positive results.

Employer branding

In times of fierce competition in the labor market, every company should include employer branding activities in its recruitment strategy. Potential employees can now choose from a variety of job offers – not even limited to their location (due to the possibility of working from home) – which makes them carefully check the companies they plan to work for.

This rule applies especially to those with the highest potential. They want to go to a reputable place with a solid corporate culture and an environment that shares the same values.Thus, building a company’s positive image in view of recruitment will be of strategic importance in 2023.


If you deal with sourcing new employees for your company on a daily basis, you can’t ignore the trends and predictions for 2023. Staying up to date and understanding employees’ needs will help you find and hire the best person for the job. Analyze your company’s recruitment processes against the trends outlined above, and think what changes and improvements you can suggest at your company to make your recruitment processes more efficient in 2023.

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Author: Nicole Mankin

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