We live in a time when it’s easy to lose focus – there are so many distractions while studying, working or organizing our day. If you feel that your efficiency is decreasing, try our recommended applications – your productivity in personal and professional life will immediately increase. We have prepared a brief description of the capabilities of popular programs and 21 most interesting suggestions for increasing productivity.

Productivity apps – table of contents:

  1. What apps provide productivity boosts?
  2. Who will benefit from productivity apps?
  3. 21 productivity-boosting suggestions – apps that work
  4. Key questions – Productivity apps

What apps provide productivity boosts?

Increasing productivity with dedicated apps means helping to manage time and complete daily tasks. Some programs also help monitor the level of focus among employees and, if necessary, suggest what changes to the work schedule are worth making. Thanks to such applications, your or your subordinates’ productivity will increase, and performing duties will not take more time than it should.

Who will benefit from productivity apps?

When it comes to productivity, dedicated apps are recommended to practically everyone. We all have different tasks to complete – some are related to professional matters, others to personal life. Regardless of the field, achieving goals efficiently is the key to conscious and effective time management. That’s why new solutions in form of apps to boost productivity have sprung up in the market. Thanks to them, instead of wasting precious time on checking email or browsing the web, we will start completing tasks – effectively and programmatically. We have prepared for you a list of the top 21 productivity apps in 2021.


21 productivity-boosting suggestions – apps that work

  1. OneTab
  2. A simple application that helps to get rid of a dozen or so tabs opened at the same time in Chrome browser. This functional solution will surely appeal to you. When you’re browsing the web, it’s easy to open tabs to read their content “later”. – But the browser’s unreadable bar decreases performance and slows down your computer. The OneTab plugin will keep the bookmarks you want to look at and avoid the mess.

  3. Feedly
  4. Instead of going through articles on your favorite websites all over again every day, try boosting your productivity with Feedly. The app collects all the news from designated websites and presents it to you. Intuitive operation, practical help, and convenience are definite advantages of Feedly. With this app, you will succeed in increasing productivity.

  5. Pocket
  6. When it comes to recommended apps, productivity improves when you are not distracted by reading articles while you have other activities planned. The pocket can help you achieve this goal. If you’ve found something interesting, but you’re currently doing other work, save the text for later. Enhancing your productivity with Pocket is very easy and works. And at your leisure, come back to your reading. Plus, if you want, you can tag a note to find it faster later.

  7. Evernote
  8. The list could not miss Evernote – one of the most popular productivity apps. Evernote helps to save, organize and, when necessary, find practical information. The application has many fans all over the world. Developing productivity with this application is very easy – thanks to built-in tools, Evernote allows you to store interesting information found on the web and tag it for later use. The app is not only intuitive and free but also available for mobile devices.

  9. Dropbox
  10. The virtual drive makes boosting your productivity a breeze. With Dropbox, you can conveniently store all the important data both personal and professional. The application enables you to access the stored database from any device – laptop, tablet or smartphone. Dropbox is one of the programs that greatly help to build up productivity at work. Its free version is popular with thousands around the world, including professionals.

  11. LastPass
  12. If your productivity and focus are slowing down because you already have too many accounts, logins and passwords to remember – LastPass can help. When it comes to productivity, apps like LastPass help you remember and keep safe all the data for accounts you create on different sites. When you visit a well-known site, the app will fill in your username and password you so you can log in with a single click. Many people appreciate this productivity boost – it saves time they can use to complete tasks.

  13. Stayfocin sed
  14. Another proposal is Stayfocused – an application that temporarily limits access to selected websites. With Stayfocused, you won’t be distracted by Facebook or email notifications, so you can focus on your work and get better results. It is worth trying for free to develop your workflow.

  15. Trello
  16. Trello is a very powerful, but still simple-to-handle productivity app. It’s a virtual whiteboard where you can stick lists of tasks to complete. These can be individual projects or shared with other employees. Trello helps you reign in project progress and assign specific tasks to users. You can develop your organization skills in college or at work with Trello.

  17. IFTTT
  18. If you waste a lot of time doing the same things every day, you can improve productivity with IFTTT. The app allows you to automate small processes. For example, it can mute your phone when you get home, automatically save photos of receipts in a folder of your choice, etc. This will help you save time and focus on important tasks.

  19. Zapier
  20. It is not a standalone application, but an applet that works with a web browser. Boosting your productivity with Zapier is about reducing tedious tasks and automating certain processes. You can choose to have the program save email attachments, create backups or new records in a spreadsheet for you – all of which will help you save time.

  21. Slack
  22. team project. Slack includes functionality to create communication channels for specific teams. It helps in tracking the progress of work and can even handle external contact – with clients or service providers. Instead of wasting time on hundreds of other messengers, save it and try Slack.

  23. Asana
  24. Another productivity app for teamwork is Asana. It’s a browser extension, available on iOS and Android. It helps you oversee projects from start to finish, plus it makes it easy to track progress and communicate between employees. With Asana, increasing productivity in a corporation or large company is easy and simple.

  25. HelloSign
  26. If you have to sign a lot of documents at work, try HelloSign. This extremely intuitive app saves your time and energy because it’s designed to facilitate the implementation of various processes at work. Also, other signatories can sign one document at a time. Electronic signatures made using the application have legal force and are duly encrypted.

  27. Dropbox Passwords
  28. This browser extension will appeal to everyone who doesn’t like remembering passwords to different accounts. Thanks to an easy-to-use and secure application, your productivity will thrive- you won’t waste time recalling and tediously typing your login data – the app will do it for you! All saved data is strongly encrypted, so you don’t have to worry about losing it.

  29. RescueTime
  30. RescueTime is an extension that helps you monitor your computer time activities. With the generated reports, you can see what behaviors are taking up valuable minutes and then make the necessary changes to your work schedule. Eliminating distractions is very good for developing effectiveness at work and life.

  31. Google Keep
  32. This is a simple application for creating “to do” lists. Since the interface is very simple and the app can be linked to your Google account, the to-do list accompanies you throughout the day. Constantly remembering important things will greatly raise your productivity and help you achieve your goals – step by step.

  33. Inbox by Gmail
  34. Increasing productivity also means saving time on email. In this regard, Inbox by Gmail can help. It enables you to group messages and divides them into more and less important ones. This way, you’ll always know which issue to tackle first.

  35. Coffitivity
  36. Do you like to work with certain noises, such as the sounds of a coffee shop? Check out the productivity app Coffitivity – it allows you to generate relaxing café sounds on your equipment. Focus and good results at work are guaranteed, although you’ll have to make your coffee.

  37. Noisli
  38. This is another simple yet handy app for generating sounds. This time it’s all about relaxing nature sounds that help you focus and work creatively. If you want to raise your productivity, adjust the type and volume of sound to your liking – try Noisli.

  39. Toggl
  40. The last suggestion is an app to measure the time you have spent on a certain project. If you want to know how long it takes to complete a certain task, turn on the clock in Toggl. This will make it easier for you to define priorities and designate work that needs to be tackled first because it takes more time.

  41. Firmbee
  42. Start working with Firmbee to elevate your firm’s efficiency. Manage teams and tasks with project management module. Use CRM tools, regain finance control, and issue invoices with our free invoicing app.

    Increase your productivity today

    If you feel that your productivity at work is slowing down – try our suggestions. We present our top 21 productivity apps for 2021 – so you can feel in control of your time again and achieve all your goals – both professional and personal.

    Key questions – Productivity apps

    1. How do productivity tools work?
    2. Productivity apps help save time that is often wasted browsing the web; they also make it easier to focus on a specific task and eliminate distractions.

    3. Is it difficult to use productivity apps?
    4. Not at all. Most of them are simple programs or applets built into your browser – with just a few clicks, you can use them to make your work easier or save time.

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