Optimizing ongoing processes is undoubtedly a crucial aspect for modern enterprises that are constantly searching for ways to speed up their operations, lower their implementation costs, and ease the workload of their employees. One of the most effective ways to achieve these goals is through the adoption of modern software, especially in areas that consume a lot of resources, like recruiting new employees. However, before investing in any solution, it’s important to ensure that it will bring considerable benefits to your business. If you’re now wondering how to persuade your manager to buy an ATS, follow our useful tips. Read on to find out more.

The benefits of an ATS – table of contents:

  1. What is an ATS?
  2. The benefits of an ATS
  3. How to convince your manager to buy an ATS system?
  4. Summary

What is an ATS?

The Applicant Tracking System, such as Firmbee, is used by HR departments to support their recruitment efforts. It makes a variety of processes easier, starting from collecting candidate applications, to analyzing them, and managing communication such as scheduling job interviews. It also allows users to create candidate databases that can be used for further reference. Thanks to the set criteria, the system is able to suggest suitable candidates from the existing database. What is more, it can generate detailed reports that evaluate the quality of the recruitment processes, providing valuable insights for the future. What is more, every person involved in the recruitment process can have access to it, streamlining collaboration with the recruitment team.

an ATS

The benefits of an ATS

Thanks to an ATS, some of the processes are automated, enabling the HR department to work faster and more efficiently. This results in shorter recruitment cycles and the selection of the best candidate for the job. Automating the candidate search process frees up HR employees’ time, allowing them to focus on other tasks. Importantly, both parties involved in the recruitment process can benefit from using this software – not only the HR department, but also the applicant. It leads to a better experience, particularly in terms of smoother communication. Ultimately, implementing an ATS supports the company’s employer branding efforts, contributing to building a positive image of the organization in the eyes of candidates.

How to convince your manager to buy an ATS?

To convince your management to invest in the described software, you need to present strong arguments that will demonstrate the benefits that this decision will bring in the short or long term. Below, you will find three sensible steps to take during the scheduled meeting with your manager.

  1. Present all the potential business benefits – especially connected to the areas outlined earlier. Take a broad approach and show that implementing the software will bring positive results, not only for the HR department, but also the company as a whole (since some resources may be moved to other areas). It’s worth showing how the ATS system will improve problematic processes, and how to avoid repetitive negative situations.
  2. Compare costs – you certainly track the HR metrics and measure the effectiveness of your recruitment processes (cost per hire, time to hire, candidate pipeline speed). Gather all the important information and juxtapose it with possible outcomes you may achieve after implementing the ATS. Also, remember to indicate when you expect a return on investment.

  3. Show how it works – demonstrating in real-time how the system works will let managers find out what features it has, and how it can improve ongoing processes. You can also mention which competitive companies have already introduced similar solutions. In this way, you will increase their interest and willingness to follow the latest trends.


Undoubtedly, you won’t be able to convince your manager to buy an ATS until you show them the specific benefits of it, especially when it comes to optimizing costs. So, getting ready for the meeting, prepare a presentation considering the elements indicated above.

Show how the ATS system can streamline work of the HR department and compare costs. Present all the issues in a clear manner, trying to convince them that the purchase of the program in question is an investment that will pay off quickly. Also, remember to provide them an opportunity to see how it works in practice. This way, you will certainly achieve the expected results.

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Author: Nicole Mankin

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