crm for freelancers positive
CRM for freelancers. Why is it important?

Business and work environment rapidly changes. Most reports and statistics point to the significant growth of freelance platforms, working independently, and a tendency to hire […]

why to use project management tool
3 reasons why to use project management tools

Small, large, easy, difficult, made alone or in a collaboration with a team. Regardless of the type, a project always requires a lot of work. […]

startup strategy
How to promote a startup? First – startup strategy!

A startup, unlike a usual company, is an innovative idea based on new technologies. It offers previously undiscovered solutions and translates it into a business. […]

What is the EEIA model and what to write to sell?

What to write to sell? How is it that some posts are interesting to our fans, others go unnoticed? Better to focus on building your […]

social media 763731 1920 800x700 - Facebook contests tips, ideas and legal regulations
Facebook contests tips, ideas and legal regulations

A popular form of building your reach on Facebook is organizing contests. Do you know how to use this tool effectively? Are you familiar with […]

The 6 most common mistakes entrepreneurs make in Google Ads

An effective advertising campaign in Google Ads does not have to cost a lot. Especially if it is skillfully run. Based on our experience, we […]

How to promote a small business on the Internet?

Promoting a company on the Internet, especially a small one, is becoming an increasingly difficult task. However, with a few free or low-cost actions, you […]

Personal branding. Building a personal brand of a freelancer

If you’ve decided to work as a freelancer – congratulations. You probably have the skills that potential business partners want. What you’re probably missing is […]

How to increase sales without lowering prices? 18 ideas

Advertising on Facebook, remarketing, marketplaces… There are many ways to reach customers. Here are 18 ideas to increase sales without lowering prices – check it […]

podcast company
Podcast in marketing: what a corporate podcast can give you

A podcast is a relatively new, still developed, online medium. It is one of the most effective communication channels thanks to which you can reach […]

how to promote a startup
How to promote a startup? Our ideas

Developing a promotional strategy for a startup will allow you to choose places and channels that will be consistent with your goals and target group. […]

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