Is it possible to create a successful startup by hiring a freelancers? Yes, it is. Read the article to find out, why hiring freelancers means low cost, no financial burden and more capital for further growing

How to create successful startup by hiring freelancers – table of content:

  1. Create successful startup by hiring freelancers
  2. Low labour costs
  3. Broader pool of talent
  4. Specialists in their field
  5. Flexible time schedule
  6. Summary

Create successful startup by hiring freelancers

Today’s labour market is changing at an incredible pace. More and more employees choose the new working style, which is based on freedom of choice and flexibility. There are several reasons to hire freelancers while setting up a startup company. Is is possible to create a successful startup by hiring freelancers? – read our answers in the article below.

Low labour costs

Startups, especially those in their early state of development, scrupulously calculate their spendings. Their budgets are not as big as those of other companies. Freelance employees are being paid for the finished project or are being paid by the hour. Only finished assignments have to be remunerated.

Individual employed on the basis of the employment contract gets his salary irrespective of the amount work done during the day. What’s more, while hiring freelancer you don’t have to be concerned about work monitoring and implementation process.

All you have to do is to concentrate on the progress of you current project. It is extremely beneficial to hire a freelancer only at times, when your project requires his work. After that moment you don’t have to pay fixed costs associated with full-time employment. Full-time employees have to be paid during non-productive time such as: holidays, vacations or sick leave. With freelancers all those cost are no longer the matter.

Broader pool of talent

Typically, every company, not only startups, has access to the talent pool, which is limited to the specific area. Remote work gives you startup contact with potentially unlimited amount of skilled individuals, who may wish possess the required skill and the ability to take part in your project.

Freelancers working remotely may have additional, not expected competencies, as well as unique experience. They may offer different, innovative ways of dealing with problems, and this may form a competitive advantage of the startup.

Hiring freelancers

Specialists in their field

It is unclear whether in general it is better to hire people with lots of common skills or individuals with only one specific skill, but while developing your startup you may need to employ specialized talents a little bit more often than normally. Hiring specialized candidates is not as easy as onboarding general employees, but with the freelance job market in place it becomes more attainable.

Freelance workers are quite often specialists in their field, hence they may produce creative and attractive solutions of your problems. They work remotely and their services are much cheaper than those offered by individuals employed on the basis of full-time contracts.

Flexible time schedule

Freelance remote employees remotely usually decide when to start and end their workday and plan their schedule. This form of work may be very beneficial from the perspective of startups, which may need urgent services only remote workers can provide.


Each startup, or a small company, should consider hiring freelance workers for their projects. Well-chosen freelancers, due to their unique skill may significantly increase the profit of the company. Independent freelance employees work usually for several companies at a given time, hence they may have the experience and work techniques, which are already verified in a different setting.

Freelancers have knowledge about software and tools of business automation, which are used to save time and increase profit. With their expertise your startup may develop quickly. Is it possible to create a successful startup by hiring a freelancers? Yes, indeed. Low cost of hiring freelancers mean that there is no additional financial burden on the company and as a result the company has more capital for investment and further growing.

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