Shopify products – do you know how to deliver them to your clients? Adjusting the delivery methods has huge importance for the business. The salesman has to choose methods of delivery available to his clients to match their preferences while at the same time offering them attractive prices.

Shopify products – table of contents:

  1. Shopify products – dispatch strategy
  2. Shopify Shipping
  3. Delivery methods
  4. Delivery methods in Poland
  5. Summary

Shopify products – dispatch strategy

The main decision of the seller is the establishment of the binding delivery cost. The seller may decide between several options:

  • free delivery – has a positive impact on the purchasing decisions of clients. The free delivery can be offered, if the client’s order exceeds the specific value
  • flat rate shipping – the selection of this option means that the rate has to be attractive for the client and profitable for the seller
  • calculation of the exact delivery rates each time – sellers from the USA and Canada, that use Shopify Shipping service, can add calculations provided by the suppliers (in the USA: USPS, DHL, UPS; in Canada: Canada Post). To make the calculated rate visible to the buyers, the seller has to include in his description specified weight and dimensions values

Shopify Shipping

The service of Shopify Shipping is available to shops in the USA, Canada, and Australia. The service enables connecting the Shopify account with the accounts of the cooperating with the platform suppliers.

The sellers can present the delivery rates to the buyers, use discounted rates for the shipping labels, and print shipping labels directly from the administrative panel. The list of suppliers depends on the location (in the USA: USPS, UPS, DHL, in Canada: Canada Post, in Australia: Sendle).

The seller can connect the account with the supplier’s account when he has the Advanced Shopify or Shopify Plus plan. The owner of the shop that possesses the lower type of plan can still connect their accounts for an extra charge or by changing their type of settlement from a monthly to a yearly plan. The seller, who connected his services with the supplier’s offer can present his delivery rates.

Delivery methods

There are three main delivery methods:

  • shipping
  • local delivery – the seller can determine the cost of the delivery and the minimal value of the order. Additionally, he can specify postal codes or the radius around the localization of the company, where the local delivery is available
  • local collection – thanks to the local collection, clients can save on the delivery cost
shopify products

Delivery methods in Poland

The seller can decide to integrate Shopify with the suppliers through the Baselinker system. Such integration is free, but the usage of the Baselinker service requires monthly payments with rates that are related to the value of orders. Integration of Shopify with Baselinker can be time-consuming because the private application with the authorization and newly generated API key is required.

The integration with the service is the next method of delivery in Poland. The seller can manage his orders efficiently, analyze the forwarding process and prepare the shipping documents automatically. The guidelines for integration of Shopify with the service is available on the service’s website.

The integration of Shopify with the Way2Send service operates on a similar principle as the Baselinker and Furgonetka services.

The sellers can use the application that enables integration with InPost service which gives them the option of parcel locker delivery. The cost of the service is 19 US dollars a month but it can be tested for 10 days free. The selected parcel locker is automatically visible in Baselinker, Way2Send, and Furgonetka services.

It can be integrated with another type of system but it requires contact with the programmer. For the application to work correctly it has to have the Carrier Service API function switched on – it can be done in several ways:

  • after paying for the Shopify service for a year in advance with the 10% discount, contact Shopify
  • get an Advanced or higher subscription plan
  • pay 20 US dollars a month for the function only
shopify products


Clear and transparent pricing plans and the ability to select the delivery method, that is popular in the given location, can encourage clients to finalize the transaction and give them positive shopping experiences. Shopify is constantly developing, therefore some of the sellers can experience difficulties with delivery options. The online stores and are good examples of the truth that everything can be achieved.

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