If you’re wondering how to promote a blog – search no more. We would like to present the most effective SEO strategies that will aid the SEO process. These are universal tips that will help you achieve success. Sounds promising? Have a go!

Blog positioning – table of contents:

  1. How to promote a blog? Start with 4 effective methods
  2. Load speed is crucial for blog positioning
  3. What text length will ensure better blog visibility?
  4. Valuable links – the background that supports blog positioning
  5. Creating entries on current topics is one of the elements of blog promotion

If a blog is run with passion and commitment and provides unique content that engages the audience – then it has a good chance to achieve a high position in Google, and consequently to monetize the author’s passion.


How to promote a blog? Start with 4 effective methods

First, a bit of theory – what is SEO and positioning?

It’s a series of actions that lead to the improvement of a website’s visibility in the organic (free) search results. It is worth aiming high, because more than 90% of the world population uses Google, and the appearance of the blog at the top of the list will generate natural traffic and clicks. SEO techniques focus on consistently adjusting your site to dynamically change and enhance Google’s ranking factors.

Load speed is crucial for blog positioning

Time is a key-value these days, even in virtual reality. Users don’t want to wait even a few minutes for a website to load. If they don’t get the information they need quickly, they will move on to another site.

Page loading speed (both in desktop and mobile versions) is of great importance when promoting a blog and improving its visibility in Google.

The author has a great impact on reducing the weight of the site by optimizing the images on the page . The use of graphics not exceeding 100 KB helps the positioning of the blog, although this should not be treated as a rule – in the case of bloggers – photographers, attention to the captured details can be very important. Equally significant is to slim down the source code from unused scripts.

Taking care to optimize blog graphics is one of the key SEO strategies.

What text length will ensure better blog visibility?

Google places a premium on comprehensive content. Even the most specific but laconic entries have little chance of achieving high rankings.

One of the most influential elements of a blog’s SEO strategy is the creation of unique entries with a proper H2-H5 header structure.

This not only makes your text easier to take for the user but also for Google’s robots to read the content of the article by scanning the headings. This explains why it is essential to saturate headlines with focus keyphrases relevant to the text.

Valuable links – the background that supports blog positioning

The process of acquiring links resembles social proof – if people don’t know how to behave in a given situation, then they act according to the behavior of those around them. Google works similarly in this case – if it “sees” that the blog is referred to by links posted on forums or other valuable sites, then it adds points to such a blog. After all, naturally distributed content must have something valuable in it.

Creating entries on current topics is one of the elements of blog promotion

Generating articles covering current events or “trending” topics makes deep sense – such texts then have a chance to earn better blog promotion and reach users.

If you are wondering how to promote a blog – referring to current affairs that engage users is a good direction.

The described methods have a chance to prove effective and promote the positioning of the blog only through consistent action. Irregularity in the publication, long blocks of text without the division into headings, lack of strategy regarding the placement of keywords – all can lead to a situation when promoting such a blog is ineffective. Thus, the implementation of the described blog promotion strategies and systematic preparation of engaging content is the starting point of a long way to reach success with your blog.

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