The answer to question on how to build SEO Landing Page should be one of first you’re trying to find when making your own Website. Landing Page is often the place or point, which makes first impression in your clients mind. You have just a few seconds to catch his attention and convince to stay and explore. But let’s make a step back.

What is the purpose of optimisation of Landing Page if it doesn’t generate any traffic? So the right first question is how to get this traffic or, in other words, how to build SEO friendly Landing Page?

What is a landing page?

The Landing page of a website is a page focused usually on some group of targeted keywords contents that is needed to be ranked. It also includes a call-to-action (CTA). A landing page is part of a bigger inbound marketing campaign.

In this type of campaign, the target is to ensure that there is an increase in the volume of the total search traffic of your website in your niche or industry. The unique feature of a landing page is that it has a definite character of its form that is designed to supply visitors with the needed information.

The information supplied is usually clear and succinct. It helps to provide a good overview to visitors of a marketing website. You can start to optimize your landing page by taking a look at your homepage.

How to build SEO Landing Page

Allow Keyword Strategy to Guide your Content

As you build a good SEO landing page, you should recognize that your keyword strategy is crucial to have a good landing page. As a rule, you should choose long-tail keywords that would help focus on search intent. In addition to using keywords with your content to optimize your landing page, you should also ensure that you write well so that people can read and understand. This is because humans would read this and they have to read it to understand.

SEO content creation is not a secret knowledge. If you want how to create awesome SEO content just read: SEO text creation. How to improve the content creation process?

You should contextualize your text as a way of establishing what your page is about with secondary keywords. Landing page optimizer approach or tip would also use semantic keywords, particular or multiple ensuring that search intent is well clarified. Using semantic keywords would increase your ranking in a much more coordinated and focused way.

Your text structure should be understood by search engines.

This is where the bulk of the work is. If you must optimize your SEO landing Page, you must know that optimizing your keywords in text structure is not enough. Your page needs to be well structured so that the Search Engine would be able to analyze it and rank it well. For search engines to identify and analyze your page you need to consider some parameters which would be discussed in a bit.

These are the parameters to consider as you want to ensure your search engine visibility

Title tag Optimization

This is one SEO landing page optimizer, it mustn’t contain many words but few. Put the more important keyword first on your title followed by the non-important keywords.

Alt tag

Making your landing page easily recognizable for search engines would also include using alternate tags. This makes it easy for search engine bots to recognize your page. This is because sometimes, HTML images might not appear on time and so these alt tags can load easily to replace them. A good alt tag contains a summarized description of the image and the context.

Optimized Meta Description

This is another parameter to optimize to make your page easily recognizable by search engines. It is an important ranking factor.

Optimizing your Meta description can increase your website traffic because it can influence users to click on your site from the search engine results. Because of these, you should make your Meta description clear concise, and short to attract visitors.


There are different types of heading, we have the H1 heading tag which should match the title of your page. Other heading tags available include H2 and G3 which can be used or fixed on the content or a page.

Internal links

Make use of the necessary internal links. Internal links are links to another page of the same website using the essential anchor text. Using internal links easily enables search engines not to understand the contents and context of a particular page.

Build Backlinks:

This is another SEO landing page optimizer tip. Backlinks are links from authoritative sites. Backlinks generally help to boost the ranking of a page and are the crucial factor of your website’s “value”.  To get backlinks, you have to ensure that your page is valuable. That means your page must contain valuable information that would authoritative sites. Examples of valuable content you can share include statistics or valuable data that other sites have to refer to.

Multimedia usage

Multimedia should be added to a page because search engine bots would treat that page as a valuable page. Search engine bots prioritize to some extent pages with videos and pictures.

seo landing page infographic

Optimize your URL to build SEO friendly Landing Page

In the SEO world, every detail or step is equally important, every detail has to be optimized to get the best of the result. Building a good SEO landing page would mean that you consider every parameter which would include the URL address of your website. This is because the URL shows the structure of a website which in the case the landing page and how the contents fit into it.

URL of the landing page should not belong, keep it short with a maximum of 65 characters. Both search engine bots and viewers read URL and so it is important to optimize the URL.

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