Rules of online stores are essential. Every self-respecting online store should have it – both for the sake of a reliable image of the company and due to legal regulations. What information should be included in e-shop regulations?

Do you want to run an online store? Check what the regulations of an online store should contain – what are the most important, obligatory information.

Rules of online store – table of contents:

  1. Data identifying the entrepreneur
  2. Features of goods
  3. Costs associated with entering into the agreement
  4. Deadlines
  5. Claims formalities
  6. Legal issues
  7. Regulations governing the provision of services by electronic means

According to the law, before concluding a contract with a customer, a trader should inform the customer in a clear and easy-to-understand manner about payment terms, delivery details, deadlines and product features.

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Data identifying the entrepreneur

  • The name of the business, the postal address of the place of business, the name of the businessman and his residential address.
  • Telephone number and e-mail address, if available, that will enable the consumer to contact the trader quickly.

Features of goods

  • The main characteristics of the goods or services insofar as it is appropriate to the medium and to the goods or services.

Costs associated with entering into the agreement

  • The costs and method of delivery, the total price of the goods or services including taxes, the costs resulting from the use of means of distance communication (if calculated differently from the normal tariff)
  • If the nature of the goods or services does not permit advance price calculation: how the price is to be calculated
  • If applicable, information about the existence of deposits or other financial guarantees to be paid or provided by the consumer at the request of the trader
  • Inform the customer about the possible necessity of bearing the costs of returning the goods (according to the new law, if the trader does not inform the customer about the obligation to bear the costs of returning the goods, the customer will not have to pay for them)


  • Date and method of delivery
  • The date on which the offer or information about the price or consideration becomes binding
  • If applicable, the duration of the contract/the minimum duration of the consumer’s obligations under the contract

Claims formalities

  • Place and manner of submitting complaints, procedures for processing complaints, postal address to which complaints should be sent.

Legal issues

  • The right to withdraw from the distance contract (with an indication of exceptions), conditions, time limits and procedures for exercising this right
  • Where a right of withdrawal is not provided, the information that the consumer will not benefit from a right of withdrawal or, where applicable, the circumstances under which the consumer loses his right of withdrawal
  • A reminder that there is a legal duty to ensure that goods conform to the contract
  • Commercial warranty information, if applicable

Regulations governing the provision of services by electronic means

According to the regulations on consumer rights protection, the correct regulations of an e-shop should contain the information listed above. In addition, the online store should apply the regulations for the provision of services by electronic means. The regulations should include, in particular, such information as:
  1. Types and scope of services provided electronically.
  2. Terms and conditions for electronic services.
  3. Terms of concluding and terminating agreements for the provision of services by electronic means.
  4. Complaint procedure.

Make sure to take care of that, because failure to provide adequate information on the website of the online store may be treated as a violation of the collective interests of consumers. According to the regulations, the entrepreneur may be punished with a fine of up to 10% of the revenue generated in the accounting year preceding the year of imposing the fine.

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