Property from the employer? Have you heard about the new type of benefit on the job market? Housing programs were known in the Soviet era, later they were addressed to the young, but today we have a new trend, where housing programs are offered to employees. Will they be successful? Should you pay more attention to this new type of benefit? Read the article to find out more.

Property from the employer – table of contents:

  1. Property from the employer
  2. Business world versus housing crisis
  3. Housing programs – the examples
  4. Property from the employer – summary

Property from the employer

Increasing inflation, dynamic economical changes, raising prices of mortgages, and high-interest rates – are contemporary realities, which mean that buying a house or a flat becomes a challenge. The employers come with help and offer well-prepared housing programs, that allow for meeting the housing needs of employees. Such initiatives influence positively the effectiveness of the business.

Business world versus housing crisis

Huge jumps in the price of housing and uncertain conditions in the housing market make most of society unable to buy a dream apartment in a convenient location. Such investment means the necessity of taking loans and repaying the installments for the next several years.


Therefore huge companies more and more often offer their employees assistance in purchasing properties. The creation of special-purpose funds for a variety of housing purposes become a popular practice. 

Some employers provide their employees with lump sum payments to support the repayment of mortgages. Many of these types of programs combine the effort of companies, governmental entities, and society, to support existing cooperation and promote real estate purchasing in a specific area.


The employers do not limit themselves to offering the employees financial help. Strongly engaged companies aim to provide valuable training and advice that can help individuals that intend to buy a property to make the right and reasonable decision.

It is worth mentioning that besides the fact that contemporary reality has complicated the situation in the housing market, the idea of support in property buying provided by the employer emerged in the business world a lot earlier.


It is commonly believed that such practices were initiated in 1991 by a company called Fannie Mae. The brand has distinguished itself by starting to finance mortgages. Currently, Fannie Mae, through indirect financial activity focuses on guaranteeing Americans access to cheap and accessible loans. 

Additionally, the company has a long-term program that provides one-time funding that reaches the value of almost 10 000 US dollars for house buying by the employees. 

Housing programs – the examples

Brookhaven National Laboratory

It is one of the biggest, multi-functional scientific and research centers in the United States that offers its employees almost 5000 US dollars for the purchase of the first home and additional financing through a partnership with Long Island Housing Partnership. There is a possibility to join the free consultancy course for people, who buy the property for the first time. There is an obligation in exchange that requires the employee to work for Brookhaven for at least 5 years. Accordingly, to the specific programs, the buyer has to live in the place bought for 5 to 10 years.

Yale New Haven Hospital

The place has gained popularity thanks to the independently designed Home Ownership Made Easier (HOME) program. The solution provides up to 10 000 US dollars in paid installments for the employees that buy their first home. After joining the scheme employees have to live in the house for another five years and be employed in the hospital. 

Red Gold Foods

Being the main manufacturer of tomato products, the brand provides its employees with a chance to get a repayment of 5 percent of the down payment – up to 10 000 USD. In exchange, Red Gold Foods requires the employee to buy a house close to the processing facilities of the company in Indiana.

Southern California University

To encourage the employees to buy houses close to the university, the organization has created USC Neighborhood Homeownership Program. People, who join the program can receive up to 50 000 US dollars, or 20 percent of the house price, as long as they stay employed by the USC and live in the property. 

Johns Hopkins

The hospital and the university of Johns Hopkins offer their employees the option to apply for special housing subsidies of 5 000 to 17 000 US dollars. At the same time, the option to join is subject to several conditions. The employee has to buy the property in certain borders and to make the right advisory class related to own home acquisition. 

House as a bargaining chip

More and more employees appreciate additional forms of bonuses offered to them by their employers. The benefits that allow one to purchase an own property are an interesting alternative.

There are many reasons, why such a policy is beneficial not only for employees but for the companies as well. Currently, it is the strengthening of the position of the employee in the labor market is visible. Contemporary employees can choose between job posts and they are not eager to consider any random offer. In many cases, the employees have the last say and decide with whom they wish to work. As a result, a new challenge emerges for the companies – they have to attract the most talented specialists.


This means that caring for the best housing conditions is the valuable bargaining chip that attracts talented employees to search for employment at the selected company. The implementation by the brands of well-thought programs or housing funds is the most creative recruitment and marketing tool.


The support provided to employees during the process of purchasing their home supports the sense of solidarity and creates the image of the engaged employer, who wishes to provide the best conditions, not only professional ones.


Additionally, the housing provisions increase the loyalty of employees and their work satisfaction, which influences positively the retention rate and the general productivity of the company. The support provided strengthens the morale and engagement of employed staff, and their sense of security is connected to the awareness of possessing a place to live. This way the balance between private and professional life can be kept easily.


Connecting the housing programs with the local environment is another interesting solution. The proximity of the house to the workplace facilitates the everyday functioning of the employees by minimizing the time that has to be spent on travel and logistics of everyday duties.

Moreover, the stimulation of the housing market becomes a valuable tool that enables the revitalization of the neighborhood. Becoming the residents of the immediate surroundings of the company its employees contribute to the economic growth of the area, which at the same time becomes a main operational area for the business.

The help provided by employers in purchasing property by the employees in the vicinity of their workplace is connected with many benefits. This practice strengthens society and has a positive influence on the image of the company, as well as shows the social engagement of the brand.

Property from the employer. New great benefit on the job market.

Property from the employer – summary

Dynamic, rapidly changing economic conditions of the global situation influence the housing market, which means that many people seem to be unable to buy their dream apartments. The introduction of many types of programs and housing funds by the companies enables them to support employees and simultaneously enlarge the company’s reputation. New forms of support like property from the employer become a valuable tool for the acquisition and retention of employees.

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Author: Nicole Mankin

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