A podcast in marketing still seems to be a little underrated. But it changes. It is one of the most effective communication channels thanks to which you can reach the customer. An interesting broadcast on the web will allow you to build an attractive image of the company. It is also an opportunity to attract new customers and increase the impact of our brand on the web. So how do you create a podcast that will also be useful for the company’s needs?

A word of introduction. 3 essential features of thematic online broadcasts

Advertising activities are always aimed at obtaining tangible benefits for the company. It is no different in the case of a corporate podcast, which is an attractive medium that is also extremely useful for the listener. A business podcast has a number of advantages that prove its effectiveness. We have selected the 3 most important issues:

  • Unlimited access. An interesting thematic program can be listened to at a time convenient for the recipient. The viewer can return to the material many times, recommend it to friends, share it on their social media – if it seems justified.
  • Pure content. Podcasts are free of advertising, sponsored inserts and intrusive offers. They provide specific, useful information, which is why they are eagerly listened to by people relaxing, for example, while traveling. A user who finds a company podcast interesting will surely read the next parts of it. It’s a wonderful tool for a content marketing.
  • Lively relationship. The listener is treated as an individual. The broadcast creates a connection between the recipient and the sender. This makes the podcast in business an increasingly popular medium of contact with potential customers.

Podcast in marketing – how to start? Tips for novice broadcasters

A podcast is an organized form of publication that has its own structure. Each thematic episode must contain an introduction, proper content and final conclusions. This form closes the logical whole, making the sound recording a coherent material. A business podcast should also be focused on delivering the most valuable content. It must be fully thought through: the conclusions presented by the speaker must be substantiated and should follow from the previous part of the program. The chaos in the structure of podcast material is not an internet speaker’s best friend. The recipient who confronts the recording uses only the soundtrack – the recording must be systematized and carried out in accordance with the previously outlined plan.

Company podcast. Speech is silver

The biggest secret that determines the quality of a podcast is the hard work of the speaker. It should articulate sentence in an interesting and accessible way for the average listener. The sender must therefore be an objectively good storyteller, with developed, oratory skills. There are various ways in which you can gain audience interest. When creating a company podcast, it is worth paying attention to:

  • correct diction that should be practised systematically;
  • the need to have extensive knowledge in the field in question;
  • an appropriate, friendly timbre of voice;
  • consistency of views expressed;
  • contact with the listener through polite and personal phrases;
  • interesting subject matter, interesting for the recipient;
  • appropriate episode format, length, number of guests matched in accordance with proven patterns.

Podcast in marketing – real profit or supplement?

A business podcast should not be treated as a kind of machine for making tangible monetary gains. Rather, it is a tool that allows you to build a modern brand image. It is also a way to improve the reach, as long as the subject of the recordings is interesting for the recipient. Therefore, a podcast cannot be focused on one specific topic. Its spectrum should cover a wider area – so that the speaker would have more freedom in creating an interesting program.

Author: Agnieszka Markowska-Szmaj