The first part of the well-known catchphrase: lights, camera, action, points to the most basic element, without which neither “the camera” can work efficiently, nor “the action” can absorb the viewer’s attention. Lighting builds the mood, focuses the viewer’s attention on specific elements of the scenery, enhances emotions, and shapes up the recording. In this article, we will explain why without good video lighting our chances of success in the YT career are greatly diminished.

Video lighting for YouTube – issues discussed:

  1. Why is proper lighting so important?
  2. How does light affect the viewer’s perception?
  3. Is professionalizing your recordings a good way to make your channel popular on YT?
  4. Video lighting for Youtube – types and alternative options
  5. Video lighting for YouTube – Key questions

Why is proper lighting so important?

Beginning internet creators face the huge challenge of adjusting their film sets to their personalized needs. It’s no wonder that choosing the best tools, techniques, and lighting configurations can be a daunting task for youtube novices.

The main issue usually concerns the camera. It is the one, in the opinion of many creators, that is the most essential device in terms of providing good video quality. And while the recording equipment is of undeniable importance, it is not unconditionally essential.

Lighting is more important – if we can illuminate the frame well, emphasize the emotions and highlight the desired details with lamps and accessories, our production will always look good. The quality and functionality of the camera then recede into the background.

How does light affect the viewer’s perception?

Good quality video lighting will allow us to systematize the conditions that will prevail in the place of filming. Then we get a constant and certain look of the scene, which we plan to illuminate.

If we record video blogs, then standardizing the look of the scenery by proper lighting of our characters combined with the use of light modifiers will contribute to a better reception of our production.

Manipulating lighting can evoke specific emotions in the audience, set the right tone for the film and build the desired mood.

Lighting for recording on YT not only helps to illuminate the area so that the camera can record more effectively, but it is also a tool for building a story, creating tension and creating a unique style.

  • A recording device needs much more light to properly record scenery than the human eye can see. This is why scene lighting is so important.
  • The video lighting configuration sets the tone for the story. By placing the lamp at eye level we in a way “uncover” ourselves in front of the viewer, while the light set at an angle, from the side, adds a pinch of drama to the whole shot.
  • The manipulation of contrasts helps to emphasize those elements of the set which are to attract the viewer’s attention. Using the right lighting we can focus the viewer’s attention on certain elements, or draw them away from others.

Is professionalizing your recordings a good way to make your channel popular on YT?

The scale of popularity of this multimedia service and the fact that virtually anyone who can effectively implement their idea for a channel can exist on YouTube are sufficient reason to begin youtubing.

If we go through the works of the most prominent YouTubers we will quickly conclude that they are professional creators, using expert recording equipment for the production of their films. The recordings use proven lighting techniques by implementing drawing, filling and auxiliary lamps.

Professional video lighting for YouTube often includes more than a dozen disparate elements, with light-emitting devices positioned either at the front, back, or ceiling of the recording studio.


Video lightinh for Youtube – types and alternative options

Proper configuration of lighting elements should consist of several parts. The main aspect is the key light, which is placed relatively close to the camera, usually on one of its sides.

In some cases, this type of light can be applied frontally, thus reducing the number of shadows visible on the subject. This technique is usually used by beauty bloggers – in makeup tutorials, close-ups of the face are as desirable as possible, and the best effect is achieved by using ring lights.

The second element is the filling light, which eliminates possible shadows. It aims to diffuse the light and evenly fill the space with a delicate glow. Many artists use softboxes, which work exceptionally well in this context.

The third element is the backlight, which separates the element being recorded from the background. Professional lighting for YouTube videos will consist of these three elements mentioned above.

  • The lighting used on YouTube will depend on the nature and subject of our recordings. To the specialization of the channel, we also adjust the way of placing the camera and the light, or the type of lighting used.
  • One of the most useful ways to achieve a good lighting effect is a rail set or so-called YouTube rail lighting. Spotlights installed on the rail can be freely rotated, changing their lighting direction, making it a highly practical solution.
  • The purchase of lighting equipment is an expensive financial expense. An expert set will cost up to several thousand zlotys. Part of the cost can be safely reduced by including the price of the equipment in the cost of doing business. The condition is to have a company whose business is based on the creation of videos on YouTube. Reducing costs can also involve making your lighting equipment.You don’t need great skills to make your own makeshift LED ring light, or to create an effective softbox with a fabric frame.
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    Author: Patrick Foster

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    The most important questions

    1. Is high-end lighting for recording on YT something I unconditionally have to own?

      Not necessarily, because a satisfactory lighting effect can also be achieved with self-made accessories. At the beginning of your recording adventure, you can use makeshift equipment, and over time you can expand your set with professional tools that will make your work easier.

    2. Why is video lighting crucial when filming?

      Recording devices need more light than we might think. Manipulating light is also used to build tension, expose certain elements of the scenery, or achieve the desired tone of the recording.

    3. Do I need to use lighting if I just record videos on YT?

      It’s worth doing if you want to professionalize your channel. Expert lighting sets are used by the most popular creators, and as the data shows, such content is the most “clickable”.