AI is transforming the world and is now widely used in all aspects related to running a business (including data analytics and content creation). It also takes a central role in recruitment. Since recruitment is undoubtedly an important and difficult process, companies in various industries are looking for ways to make it more efficient. One of the modern solutions growing in popularity is interview intelligence. Below we will explain why you should use it in your hiring processes. Read on.

Interview intelligence – table of contents:

  1. What is interview intelligence?
  2. How does interview intelligence work?
  3. The benefits of interview intelligence for hiring teams
  4. The benefits of interview intelligence for candidates
  5. Summary

What is interview intelligence?

Interview intelligence is a way to bring your video interviews to the next level. Of course, you may have already decided to record interviews with candidates in order to go back to them later, compare their answers and make a final decision on whether to hire or reject a given candidate.

Interview intelligence, however, allows you to do much more – with this method you can not only record a conversation with a potential employee, but also transcribe it (automatic transcription), select the most important extracts (e.g. to present them to other team members) or analyze the candidate’s in terms of the most important personality traits or abilities. Thus, this solution changes the current way of conducting recruitment meetings.

interview intelligence

How does interview intelligence work?

Interview intelligence was created to provide a coherent experience for both the candidate and the recruiter – for this reason it is used before, during and after the meeting. Before the interview, you enter prepared questions into the tool and set the goal you want to achieve. AI will generate a ready-made agenda for you to use for other meetings as well, which guarantees a fair and uniform approach to each candidate, and also provides you with the opportunity to learn and avoid past mistakes.

Thanks to the option of recording and transcription during the interview, you can focus completely on the candidate (listen carefully to everything they say), while receiving tips on how to conduct the most effective recruitment meeting. After the interview, you can pass the material on to others involved in the recruitment process and make a final decision based on the most important moments from each interview.

The benefits of interview intelligence for hiring teams

The use of interview intelligence translates into a number of benefits when it comes to improving recruitment processes. Thanks to this solution, first of all:

  • You shorten the sourcing process – with recordings and analyses, you don’t have to think too long about who to hire.
  • You choose the best candidates – based on the collected, unbiased comparative data, you can be sure that you are making a fair and objective decision, without relying on your own feelings about the person.
  • You reduce your employees’ workload – such an effect is a natural consequence of the use of technology and AI to automate certain tasks and give the opportunity to deploy employees to other areas.

The benefits of interview intelligence for candidates

The use of technology and AI as presented here undoubtedly brings several benefits to the recruiter, but also translates into a positive candidate experience. By giving up traditional note taking, you can focus all your attention on the candidate, which they will certainly appreciate.

What’s more, the unsuccessful candidate can be sure that their actual words were taken into account when making the decision (objectivity). As a result, the reputation of your brand as an employer improves, and the rejected candidate is likely to apply for a job again when an offer appears. The use of this technology is undoubtedly positively received by the youngest generation in the labor market.


If you’re facing fierce competition in the labor market when it comes to attracting new employees and acquiring top talent, you should definitely look for ways to improve the recruitment processes taking place in your company. One of them is the use of interview intelligence, which, thanks to modern technology and data analysis, helps select the best candidate for a given position. At the same time, it brings a number of other benefits to both hiring teams and job applicants.

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Author: Nicole Mankin

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