A multitude of responsibilities makes it difficult not only to focus on the assigned duties, but also to motivate oneself to act. Motivation is influenced by various factors such as stress, sense of righteousness of one’s actions or beliefs. In this article, we would like to present a few handy methods to strengthen your will and increase your motivation. If you feel already eager to read on, good job. Hope you’ll find it useful and thought-provoking.

Increase your motivation – table of contents:

  1. Good cooperation
  2. Remuneration for work
  3. Good organization
  4. Comfortable space
  5. Balanced preparation

Good cooperation

When remote working became widespread as a result of the pandemic, some people began to feel isolated from their co-workers, with whom they had previously had almost daily contact.

If remote work is part of your reality as well, try to find alternative ways to bond. For example, you could stay in touch more often with friends or family. Meeting social needs is vital to our well-being. Scientists believe that social factor (connection with people) plays a crucial role in the downfall or rise in motivation, especially for extrovert people.


Remuneration for work

Probably everyone will agree that an appropriate salary is the major defining incentive for work. Therefore, during a job interview, it is worth proposing realistic salary conditions that correspond to qualifications, experience and soft or hard competencies.

You can’t overestimate yourself but you should also know your worth and not be afraid to put your best foot forward. Underestimating the amount or offering a low rate to “entice” a prospective employer may result in the candidate not being taken seriously. However, let’s not kid ourselves, few things motivate as much as having the right money in your bank account every month. Think of it as trying to find the perfect balance, the middle way.

Good organization

Sometimes it’s hard to get well prepared for work if it’s messy. Planning each workday is a good idea. So is dividing your responsibilities into:

Comfortable space

If the space in which you do your work (home, office, coworking space) does not give you a sense of comfort, you can safely assume that in the long run it will be even distracting. Quite simply, it will start to get in the way.

The overall shape of the work environment is influenced even by such, perhaps not obvious, elements as furniture, the color of walls, or access to fresh air. It is worth – to the extent possible – to ensure that the space around is ergonomic and at the same time cozy, making you feel at ease.


Balanced preparation

Before an employee even goes to the place of duty, they should take care of the basics – a nutritious breakfast, a moment to breathe, perhaps a refreshing shower or coffee.

Increase your motivation is unfortunately not as obvious as it might seem. Many people slowly fall into a troublesome routine, burn out professionally. So it turns out to be helpful to go to the source of problems and use available energy.

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Author: Caroline Becker

As a Project Manager, Caroline is an expert in finding new methods to design the best workflows and optimize processes. Her organizational skills and ability to work under time pressure make her the best person to turn complicated projects into reality.