Cookie-cutter performance in marketing is poorish. It is accepted that people who think in stereotypes are not creative enough, notice fewer details, and often fall into a routine. However, a schematic approach can be useful in the context of constructing good headlines. A template is a format that helps transform an accepted concept into an endless series of great ideas. How to write catchy headlines that will encourage readers to read the whole article and review the content of the page?

Catchy headlines – table of contents:

  1. Why are article titles so important?
  2. What characteristics do effective titles have?
  3. How to write catchy headlines? Examples of creative templates
  4. Examples
  5. Best (1) for (2)
  6. How (1) achieved (2)
  7. (1). (2) explains how (3)
  8. Do you already know how to write headlines?

Why are article titles so important?

Post titles are some of the most important elements of articles posted online. They work in two phases: they contribute to better SEO, and they also interact with the viewer, encouraging them to click the link.

Content produced on the basis of reliable templates can contribute to fast and effective promotion of a company blog, website, or online store. The use of the technique of developing existing patterns enables to visibly intensify the development of the site, which translates into an increase in the number of views.

What characteristics do effective titles have?

Repetition, based on proven templates, is an effective weapon in the battle for the attention of potential customers. Template techniques for constructing interesting headlines are used by the largest websites worldwide.

Surely, we all know at least a few examples of catchy, slightly clickbait titles placed on popular gossip, news or medical portals.

Title templates unify the format of content. This means that users get used to and associate a particular type of headline with a particular website over time.

Using a pattern does not mean introducing cliché. Popular headline template can be surprising and attractive for the recipient. Headlines that contain one concept are easier to take in. This applies not only to website visitors, but also to the content creation team. Employees will pick up the form of creating catchy titles much faster.

How to write catchy headlines? Examples of creative templates

Using templates allows you to create content in a cascading fashion. This process is also called horizontal expansion: it allows you to construct a series of articles based on a similar pattern. In practice, it means that the creator, using one pattern, is able to produce much more material than he would do without using this technique.


  • 5 Ways to…
  • Top 10
  • Top 10 of everything
  • How do you write titles that will grab attention? 3 reliable archetypes

Best (1) for (2)

It is a form of headline that contains two important elements in its content: (1) – that is, an object, product, service and (2) – a person, target group or activity. Such a headline is meant to make the viewer curious due to its simple and uncomplicated structure. The main goal of the content writer will be to present what is the best feature for the subject.

Examples of titles built according to this pattern:

  • The best petrol lawnmower for your recreational plot
  • The best Chinese green tea to drink
  • Best passenger car for a young woman

How (1) achieved (2)

Another type of catchy headline focuses on isolating two structural elements: (1) – person, company, entity and (2) – success, profit, fame, publicity. The headline influences the viewer by presenting a situation that, on the surface, might seem unattainable. The headline generates suspense, curiosity, and encourages the reader to learn more about the situation that has affected the operation of a certain person, company, or well-known brand.

Title examples:

  • How did Google achieve global success?
  • How did Jennifer Lopez achieve worldwide fame?
  • How much technological progress has Europe made in the 21st century?

(1). (2) explains how (3)

This is an example of a complex headline with three distinct variable elements. (1) denotes an entity, company, person, major figure discussed in the article who, because of his or her situation, is objectively important to the reader. (2) refers to an expert, authority, or opinion maker. (3) may be synonymous with success, a particular event, incident, circumstance.

Examples of titles:

  • The legend of Adam Malysz. A famous coach explains how the Polish ski jumper achieved his success
  • Death of “John Smith”. Security experts explain how the incident happened
  • Brazilian Arabica coffee. Port employees explain how the beans are transported to Poland

Do you already know how to write headlines?

Effective titles can be generated with templates. However, this doesn’t mean that a template-based title will be cliché, mundane and uninteresting. On the contrary: proven forms of headline construction contribute to increased website traffic.

Readers are more likely to choose content preceded by a brilliant title. This is evidenced by the popularity of sites that use template headline techniques in their articles. Templates are also useful for the creators themselves. It is a versatile tool that allows you to create quick and effective content.

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