What is Agile? How to use Agile methodology for freelance projects? Read the article to find out more. Effectiveness of freelance work is based on cooperation in the project team. Still, even when relationships in the team are very good, the freelance work model has its limitations and brings many challenges. To facilitate work flow in teams special management system for projects was designed. This system has only one aim – to support the whole team.

Agile methodology – table of content:

  1. What is Agile?
  2. 12 rules of Agile
  3. How to use Agile methodology for freelance projects?
  4. Summary

What is Agile?

As it was already mentioned, Agile is the style of project management used in companies. This method reduces operational time of teams, what results in faster delivery of products to the clients, as well as in better, more detailed feedback related to the project itself.

How Agile works? The project is divided into stages called sprints. Each sprint has repeatable steps including: sprint planning, check-ins, reviews, and retrospectives. What is important each spring has to be preceded by solid analysis of results, users opinions and modifications.

Agile focuses on practical side of cooperation with client, fast changes adaptation, usability for users and human interaction. This approach guarantees huge flexibility in team work, efficient delivery of solutions, as well as high quality of products.

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12 rules of Agile methodology

It is worth mentioning that Agile methodology was devised in the environment of software developers. They are the authors of special document called: Manifesto for Agile Software Development, where they described how to use Agile methodology? What guidelines are there in the manifesto? The authors claim that they follow these principles:

  • The highest priority is to satisfy the client with early and continuous delivery of valuable software.
  • All clients’ requirements for changes are welcomed, even in late in development of the software.
  • The delivery of the working software has to be frequent, from a couple of weeks to a few months, the prefered timescale is as short as possible.
  • All involved business people and developers have to work together daily throughout the project.
  • Projects have to be build aroung individuals, who are motivated. Provide them with the right environment and support their needs.
  • Remember that the most effective method of communication withing the development team is face-to-face conversation.
  • Working software is the most important and valuable measure of progress.
  • All Agile processes promote sustainable development including all interested parties.
  • Technical excellence and great designs improve agility.
  • Simplicity is essential.
  • The best architectures, requirements, and designs emerge from teams which ogranize themselves internally.
  • The effectiveness of teams has to be reflected on at regular intervals. The behavior has to adjusted accordigly to the findings.
how to use agile methodology...

How to use Agile methodology for freelance projects?

To provide best solutions for freelance within Agile methodology, it is worth to refer to basic ideals of Agile system. Implementation of those standards will make freelance cooperation structured and automatic.

Defined goals

Although some of the entrepreneurs decide not to make detailed plans for their organization indication of the direction simplifies the decision making process, allows smooth monitoring of transformations, increases commitment and motivation of employees.

This is the reason why Agile methodology stresses the importance of the project’s goal. In management using Agile all tasks are organized for the sake of the main company goal and all individuals involved are made aware of the project’s mission. This solution is particularly practical for freelance work, where all the employees may be separated by time or space.


It is important to know how to use Agile methodology for freelance projects before implementing this working style. In the Agile methodology meetings take form of stand-ups. Stand-up is a specific type of meeting focused on close cooperation between all teams involved, and this requires smooth communication of well-motivated individuals as well as eliminating unnecessary elements of the processes.

Everyday conferences take a form of concise and detailed sessions. This procedure was simplified maximally and is an important part of philosophy of Agile. The name of this ritual comes from the style of presenting, where every participant has to stand-up and recount his results, as well as describe his difficulties, limitations and problems encountered during the process.

The stand-up made professionally reduces the amount of lengthy, toilsome sittings. Those short meetings performed routinely supports operations, strengthens bonds between employees and influences staff morale. Moreover, the clear vision of goals increases effectiveness and commitment of the employees.

Tools and applications

It is not enough to know how to use Agile methodology for freelance projects without knowing about the right tools and applications, which can be used during the process. What programs are best for Agile freelance projects?

Interesting option for stand-up meetings is Miro application. The main advantage of this program is the possibility of adjustment of operating mode in to settings: real time or synchronization. The application presents virtual board, which provide certain universality and flexibility of action. The wide selection of templates can be easily matched with any project.

The functionalities of the next recommended application are focusing on the smooth processes of information exchange. The Retrium app offers an access to many effective and simple tools. There are three foundational sectors in the app such as: Start, Stop and Continue. The users may decide, which actions to introduce, and which to terminate.

The last recommended application – the Trello – presents us with specially designed board. This application is particularly useful for freelance workers, who already know how to use Agile methodology for freelance projects. All steps of the project may be planned and organized in the app, which will notify the user about the deadlines and show the individuals responsible for all stages of the project.

Agile methodology – summary

It is worth to know how to use Agile methodology for freelance projects since the scope of functionalities of this style is very broad. Accordingly to the statistical research, 71% of businesses uses Agile already, with the increase in the effectiveness reaching even 98%.

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