How to transform B2B into e-commerce organization? How to start e-commerce business? To be able to transform B2B into e-commerce organization one has to follow certain, necessary steps. Currently it is not only a trend, but the requirement for all companies, not matter the industry. What to look at during the digital transformation of the company.

How to transform B2B into e-commerce organization? – table of contents:

  1. Benefits of B2B e-commerce
  2. B2B transformation step by step
  3. How to create B2B store?
  4. Summary

How to transform B2B into e-commerce?

Implementation of B2B e-commerce in company can take a lot of effort an time, because it encompasses not only a part of the company but all the types of its activity. The process is long and tedious but with time brings greater results.

The main benefits of implementation of B2B in the company are: the increase of sales due to the customer’s needs, a decrease of the operational cost, sales departments work facilitation, increase of the quality of service.

B2B transformation step by step

The selection of B2B platform – it has to be adjusted to the profile of the activity of the company. B2B stores are based on so called e-commerce platforms engines, among them the most popular are: WooCommerce, PrestBaShop, Magntoe.

Getting in touch with producers to minimalize the number of intermediaries and setting the PKD code for online wholesales – the basic number is 46.1.

Signing the agreement with the courier company, you need to have contact with the verified supplier, who will be able to deliver large quantities of products, for example on pallets.

Logistics of the magazine – small or huge magazine depends on the type of your offer. You can rent or buy small or big magazine.

The necessity to pay turnover tax the most internet stores doesn’t have to pay due to the tax exempt, which the internet wholesalers with huge annual turnover have to pay.

how to transform b2b

How to create B2B store?

The transformation of the existing organization into B2B store should start from the preparation of the comprehensive digitalization plan. The company rarely is able to afford the implementation of the ready made solution. B2B model involves unique buying processes that include individual conditions for each partner.

For the all entrepreneurs the key factor is finance required for the process of the digitalization. How much will cost the implementation of the new B2B e-commerce system? The pre-implementation analysis has to be considered in the budget. The real principles and functions have to presented before the realization of the project.

how to transform b2b

Some preliminary research on UX design is also required. What is UX research? The UX research is the study of the requirements of target users of the internet services. UX research has to use many different methods to unravel the issues that influence of the design on client’s decisions. The UX research is a vital part of the design process and is necessary to create any functional and pleasing solution that may present a value to the customer.

After the setting up of the B2B internet store and the preparation of the offer there is a need to reach potential clients. The care for the steady clients is very important, but equally important is acquisition of the new ones. Well-planned marketing activities are necessary here.

During planning of the implementation of the B2B e-commerce system one has to consider the possibility that in the future there may be a need to come forward with the offer to foreign markets.

There is a need to remember about other requirements that have to be taken into account such as: language versions, tax conditions, payment methods, logistics and transport. All this requires certain amount of investment and the return on investment should be expected after some time.

how to transform b2b


The transformation of the existing B2B organization may seem to be an impenetrable barrier for some of the companies, but despite the difficulties, that may occur, it is worth to implement the change. At the beginning it is worth to remember about accurate planning, of the budget especially, to avoid surprises and unexpected complications.

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