YouTube is one of the most famous social media platforms, with more than 1 billion active users. For you to enjoy the best that YouTube offers, you will need to promote your channel.

How to promote your YouTube channel?

1. Offer real value

To promote your YouTube channel in 2021, one of the things to do is to offer real value. It is undeniable that humans are generally attracted to value. If you want to promote your YouTube channel then you should offer tangible value. It is one of the easiest ways to promote your channel. Many people are on YouTube regularly to learn or be entertained.

YouTube is a video-based social media platform, this means that all of your videos have to be valuable supplying the needed knowledge or entertainment to viewers. Before posting your video on YouTube you should ask yourself what knowledge or entertainment does your audience expect. Focus on the answer before creating.

2. Complete your profile

Many YouTubers think that if YouTube is a video-based social media platform, they don’t need to complete their profile.

That’s not enough if you want to promote your YouTube channel in 2021. But this is wrong, every detail counts on YouTube because you are interacting with humans and YouTube bots. A great YouTube profile is another easy way to promote your channel because it also affects your SEO ranking.

In optimizing your profile on YouTube, make sure that you are consistent in your writing style and color scheme.

Be unique, don’t copy unnecessarily someone else’s profile. You should also optimize your YouTube description.

This is important because in this description you input the keywords that would rank you on the YouTube algorithm. Also, stick to a schedule that is accessible to your fans, so your fans can come back for more. And more importantly, contact information should be included in case anyone wants to follow up.


3. Optimize keywords

In the world of SEO, keywords are very important because they help to some extent in determining your ranking which is important in promoting your YouTube channel. You should remember about this if you want to promote your YouTube channel in 2021.

The same way people search on Google they do it on YouTube, because it’s the second most used search engine. And for your channel to appear or rank well on the YouTube algorithm, you should use the right set of keywords. Here are some tips to follow:

First thing first, identify relevant keywords for your niche or industry using either a simple google search or Google Keyword Planner.

Use more keywords like “How to” especially if you are producing tutorial videos. Keywords should be added to the title of your video, description, metadata. A channel rich in keywords will always rank better than a channel without keywords.

4. Optimize your description

Another way to promote your YouTube channel in 2021 is to optimize your description. This is very important on YouTube. Your YouTube description should be rich in keywords, especially in the first few lines of the description. You should ensure that you don’t exceed the limit which is usually 5000 words.

You plan all that you have to say in 5000 words making it clear and concise. Furthermore, you should also create a content page using timestamps. This would help your viewers find what they are easily looking for. You should also try and add some hashtags to your website but ensure to stick to the policy of YouTube hashtags.

5. Engage in more interactions with your fans

This is another way to promote your YouTube channel in 2021. Interact more with your fans or subscribers. This is often ignored by some people.

But if you want to build your YouTube channel, you must learn to interact with your fans more using the YouTube comment section. Especially after every video you post, you should respond to their questions say something nice to them, don’t be harsh.

Be kind and open to their suggestions. When you do all this, it makes them feel important and valued. As you interact with them, ensure you do it intelligently.

Some people might be aggressive and say some provocative statements to you. In this scenario just stay calm and ignore, so that other fans perceive you as a responsible person valuing human relationships.

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Author: Laura Green

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