Are you wondering how to promote a startup business? We present crowdfunding platforms and websites where you can submit your application for evaluation.

Once you are satisfied with your product, let others evaluate it. If the audience likes your idea, there is a possibility of receiving financial support. Besides, collecting ratings, reviews and donations is a guarantee that there will be hype around your startup. This is a great way to generate traffic to your website.

Where to promote a startup business?


By posting on KillerStartups your product has a chance to reach over 5,000 potential customers daily. Well-known companies that have been successful with this platform include Uber, Tinder, Plum, Wego, and more.


Kickstarter is one of the most famous addresses where the creators share their visions with the community, and the community has the opportunity to support them financially. The most creative designs are grown here using the snowball method. The platform allows you to build a wide group of supporters and a support group that will contribute to the promotion of your application. Success on Kickstarter will skyrocket your project. To sum up, this is one of the best websites to promote a startup!

Spring Wise

In order to appear on Spring Wise, your application idea must be really groundbreaking. The site focuses on recognizing startups that offer innovative products that have a positive impact on the world around us.


FundRazr is a place for projects that aim to help people and organizations solve important global problems.


Ulule strives to give unique and original projects a chance to stand out in a crowded crowdfunding environment. A project is funded only when statistics show that there is a real demand for it.


This is a crowdfunding website that specializes in financing projects at the stage of idea and planning. Through Quirky, the user can present his ideas to the community and receive feedback in return. Quirky implements the best-rated projects and the originator gets a certain percentage of its sales.


Just fill out the form and submit your application for review and the Apps4Review editorial team will review and evaluate it. If it passes verification, it will try to maximize its reach.


By posting information about your startup on GetAndroidStuff, you can be sure that the number of downloads will skyrocket. You will also get detailed feedback from industry experts.

Startup Pitch

Startup Pitch was created as a result of an experiment in which users uploaded messages they generated called DIY Startup News. Over time, this has evolved to Startup Pitch – a website that asks users the right questions about their startup. Responses form clear and easy-to-read articles.

Before you decide on specific pages, find out which platforms collect the most projects of your type. Check where the startups that achieved success appeared and what was the audience response. Go for it!

Knowing the right websites may be just a first step. What is even more important is a promotional strategy for your startup!

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Author: Zofia Lipska

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