Most small companies doing business online don’t have the proper knowledge to optimize their website and improve its overall online visibility. In this short post, we are going to explain and describe some of the elements that should be considered when optimizing a website for search engines. How to optimize your website for SEO? Check it out!

How to optimize your website for SEO? – table of contents:

  1. Headings
  2. Meta title
  3. Meta descritpion
  4. Alt attributes
  5. Valuable content
  6. Page speed
  7. Reviews


Headings are a signal to search engines about the content of a page. When using headings, make sure to use a clear hierarchy of them by starting the structure with the H1 tag. There should be only one H1 heading on each subpage. It ought to contain the most important keywords and be unique. You will find a picture describing the proper hierarchy of headings below.

how to optimize your website

Meta title

Meta tags are used to provide search engines with information about your site. Used properly and optimized properly, they will affect your site’s positions, visibility, and traffic.The page title is undoubtedly one of the most important meta tags, as it is relevant to both search engines and users.

The meta title tag should be unique for each subpage of your website, and its length should not exceed 60 characters, otherwise, it will not show up in organic results. The page title is a ranking factor, so it ought to contain your focus keyword, preferably at the beginning of the tag. It is also a good idea to mention your brand name in it, which will further help promote your business online.

Meta descritpion

Another meta tag that deserves your attention is meta description. Although it is not a ranking factor, meta description affects the CTR (Click Through Rate) and attracts search engine users to your site. The length of your meta description should not exceed 150-160 characters. Just like the meta title tag, meta description must be unique for every single page and contain relevant keywords.

how to optimize your website

Alt attributes

The next factor that is worth optimizing is the alt attribute, i.e. a tag that in HTML means an alternative description of images. You describe the content of image files using it. As an alternative text, it also provides information to users in case an image fails to load and display. The alt attribute is a ranking factor analyzed by indexing robots, so it’s essential to include keywords in it. Alt attributes should be unique, so make sure to differentiate them.

How to optimize your website for SEO? Create valuable content

Google gratifies sites that have unique and valuable content, so it’s a brilliant idea to set up a company blog within the site. Regular posting increases your site’s online visibility for so-called long-tail keywords, which in turn translates into an increase in organic traffic. Remember to post with a consistent frequency, and make sure your articles are long enough, SEO-optimized and relevant.

Page speed

Search engine robots also pay attention to the page load time. Your page speed affects not only its ranking, but also its usability and user behavior. Even the most attractive site in terms of graphics can discourage further visits if it loads very slowly. Therefore, you should always try to make your website as fast as possible. You can verify your site’s loading time with Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool, which will additionally point out elements that need improvement.


Publishing high-quality product reviews on an e-commerce site or a product review site can help buyers learn more about a product before they buy. Reviews let shoppers choose a model that meets their requirements while staying within their budget. Google is now prioritizing reviews that offer unique value and come from people who have actually used the product. If your website offers product review content, make sure to provide evidence such as visuals, audio, or other links of your own experience with the product, to support your opinion.

how to optimize your website

You’ve just read how to optimize your website for SEO. Other resources: Things to expect from your SEO agency.

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