First impressions count. Handed over as a recommendation of goods or services, your business card will be the first thing that your potential client will have contact with. Therefore, its design is an extremely important element of brand communication. How to make your own business cards? Read our useful tips.

Business cards – table of contents:

  1. How to make your own business cards?
  2. Business card makers
  3. Ready-made business card templates
  4. Custom design
  5. What needs to be on a business card?
  6. What size are business cards?
  7. How much do business cards cost?
  8. Summary

How to make your own business cards?

Creating your own business card may seem quite complicated. After all, choosing the right color, typography or graphics is not the simplest thing. It is good to have the right touch when it comes to selecting matching elements and minimal knowledge of the composition rules. This is the case when you create your business card on your own, e.g. in Photoshop. However, there are several other ways to design it if you don’t feel skilled enough to undertake such a responsible task.

Business card makers

We can create a business card from scratch in free business card creators available on the Internet. After googling the right phrase, numerous websites that offer this option will certainly appear. Such business card makers provide ready-made business card templates, interesting graphic elements and rich colors that can be used when designing your business card.

Ready-made business card templates

Business cards can say a lot about you and your business. Therefore, it is worth approaching the subject carefully. With the right business card, you will certainly get noticed. If you don’t want to create it from scratch, you can use, for example, ready-made business templates that can be found online.

Custom design

There are also several companies which custom design business cards on request. You can send them a brief with your idea and requirements, and they will process the order. After paying the appropriate fee, you can outsource the creation of your business card and just wait for the final effect.

how to make your own business cards

What needs to be on a business card?

You only get one chance to make a first impression. so it is worth creating a business card that will reflect your positive image. A business card is the first step in building effective client relationships.

You will need to include some key information on your business card, i.e.:

  • Name and surname – Every business card should include your name and surname.
  • Position – It is good to inform your client what your role is within the company.
  • Company name and logo – Pictures and logos will make your business card more memorable.
  • Contact details – Providing your phone number and email address will make it easier for clients to reach you directly.
  • Website – Nowadays, each company should have their own website which communicates what products and services they offer.
  • Social media – As the ways of communication between the customer and the company are changing, remember to inlude social media links on your business card.
  • Company address – It will be of key importance for customers who don’t usually use the Internet and social media.

You can either add more details to your business card (e.g. your photo, some extra graphic elements associated with your company, a company slogan) or keep it minimal. It all depends on your needs and the industry you work in. However, it is often enough to use a simple layout to introduce you effectively and communicate your information clearly.

What size are business cards?

A well-designed business card can serve as an effective marketing tool. The best advice is to keep your business card the standard size so that it easily fits your wallet or pocket. Its format shouldn’t be larger than 9×5,5 cm. This size can change depending on the region or country.

Business cards are usually rectangular and most of them are as boring as hell. Therefore, you shouldn’t be afraid to get creative. For example, you can change the orientation and use the card vertically. You can also decide on rounded corners, die-cuts and various embellishments that will make your business card stand out from the crowd.

How much do business cards cost?

How much do business cards cost? In short, the cost can vary from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. If you decide to design a business card on your own, e.g. in Photoshop or Illustrator, you will bear printing costs only. Prices will vary depending on quantity, paper type and coating. The cheapest option will be using ready-made templates available online and printing your business cards at home.

This solution will certainly appeal to start-ups and freelancers. If you have got a strong budget for this project, you can outsource the job to a professional design agency. In such a case, it will cost as much as 199 dollars to design and print 100 business cards. If this is too much, you can look for less popular companies which offer cheaper services.


It’s no revelation to say that business cards are one of the most important components of your company’s brand image. They are also a great tool to leave memorable impressions and establish meaningful connections. Regardless of the industry in which your company operates, investing in a business card is always a great idea.

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