How to implement Agile in your company? Many leaders understand the need for a change in management methods and wish to introduce Agile methodology in their organization. It is not difficult but some steps have to be followed. Read the article to find out more.

How to implement Agile – table of contents:

  1. How to implement Agile?
  2. To understand Agile
  3. No place for half-measures
  4. Team members preparation
  5. Analyzing the needs
  6. How to implement Agile? Summary

How to implement Agile?

How to implement Agile?Agile is currently one of the most popular management methods. It focuses on flexibility, creativity, and fast reactions to changing reality. The mere knowledge about Agile is not sufficient. One should be able to use the methodology in practice. The transformation of the company, which was managed with the use of the traditional model, can be challenging. How to implement Agile in your company? What should draw our attention?

The contemporary market is different from the one, where the cascade management models have proven themselves. Currently, it turns out that the abandonment of hierarchical structures and excessive paperwork allows the development of innovative solutions and the provision of better comfort of work and much better growth conditions for the employees.

This is why more and more companies, not only those connected to the IT market, choose Agile methodologies of work. One should pay attention to the fact, that the transformation towards Agile methods is very promising, but it is still very complicated. Using this methodology requires great managerial competencies as well as the knowledge of the rules of functioning of the specific framework.

Before the introduction to the changes one should prepare himself well. One has to remember that the process encompasses not only the organizational changes. What has to change as well as the mentality and approach to the duties realization.

To understand Agile

To make Agile transformation possible, the team has to understand all the elements of Agile as well as the elements of the selected framework, for example, Scrum. This includes managerial staff as well. Before making any decision about the implementation of Agile the individuals, who make decisions have to possess broad knowledge about the whole process. Only a full understanding of Agile methodology can ensure that all decisions made will be good, while the process of change will be seamless and smooth.

No place for half-measures

Assumptions of Agile are relatively easy and transparent, but their implementation doesn’t have to look like an easy task. Guarantee agility frequently brings problems, and most of the difficulties are seen at the beginning of the process of transformation. It is harder to function in the new methodology, than in the old, even not particularly liked, but well-known, cascade model. Besides the fact that in the cascade model, the employees had to follow strict rules, still, those rules were transparent and clear.

This is the reason why some companies take a selective approach to the implementation of Agile solutions. They decide to introduce only those proposals that were comfortable to them and reject the others, which seems to be non-necessary or problematic. It is a mistake, that diminishes the effectiveness of the methodology. It is always worth considering the transformation carefully and avoiding the half-measures.

Team members preparation

To fully exploit the potential of Agile methodology the team has to be well prepared. For many employees, this new management method can be a shock. The whole transformation brings completely new rules, including the flat hierarchy, lack of leaders, and flexibility. Additionally, there is a need to learn new terms and procedures. This is the reason why, the teams have to understand the need for change, and why new management models have to be introduced skillfully. In the same way, it should be possible to reach the goal and avoid the chaos and confusion of the employees.

Analyzing the needs

As in the case of each business change, also the introduction of Agile methodology should proceed with the exact analysis of the company’s abilities, as well as its aims, needs, weaknesses, and problems. One should take into account the characteristics of the market and the organizational culture of the given company. The analysis should be prepared faithfully and should include not only the positive but negative aspects of the planned transformation. It will allow us to select the right framework and smoothly get through the period of demanding transformation.   

How to implement Agile?

How to implement Agile? Summary

How to implement Agile in your company? Is it beneficial to use Agile methodology? Agile is the most innovative understanding of project realization and teamwork. One has to remember that the transformation into agile methods of management is just the beginning of a lengthy and demanding process. The employees have to adjust to the new model, and this takes time. To get the results one has to control the usage of all available tools.

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