How to get real followers on Instagram? That’s one of the most frequent questions asked by Instagram users around the World. In the social media realm, engaged followers are valuable currency. While your account’s followers list may be full of potentially “bot” accounts, living and breathing followers can help boost your brand’s reputation and relevancy.

As Instagram continues to grow as a social media platform, the engagement algorithm continues to highlight accounts that feature high numbers of real followers. This means that you will want to optimize your account and build your following with quality followers to scale your account fast.

Want to learn how to build your real follower count on Instagram quickly? Here are 10 ways to increase your real followers on Instagram. Take these steps today and begin to reap the benefits of a strong Instagram account.

How to get real followers on Instagram? 10 ways

1. Optimize Your Account

To gain followers, users have to find value in your account. Make sure that your How to write an Instagram bio for your business?

” target=”_blank”>Instagram’s account bio is complete with accurate information that reflects your identity, and include fun and engaging content that will help sell your brand.

2. Keep A Consistent Content Posting Schedule

Instagram users want to engage with accounts that post relevant content on a regular basis. Take advantage of social media calendaring programs and content marketing services to help build a content posting strategy that keeps users engaged. Find a posting rhythm that will keep your followers coming back for more – and sharing your content with their friends.

Make sure you utilize all types of Instagram posts, including main feed posts, Stories, and the brand new Reels post styles to reach the most potential followers.

3. Partner With Brands For Promoted Content

As Instagram continues to grow as an advertising platform, there are more opportunities than ever to partner with brands and companies to build promoted content. If you have the chance, partner with a popular brand to publish content that will reach even more real followers quickly.

4. Engage With Your Comments & DMs

Real people want to interact with real people. If you receive comments in your feed or direct messages (DMs), ensure that you are responding fast and with substance. Closely monitor the type of comments you receive, and engage only with those who seem to be real accounts. The more you interact with your followers or potential fans, the higher the chance that you will add them to your following.

5. Get To Know Your Audience

Do you find that your content isn’t receiving the attention you think it deserves? The problem may be related to the type of content you are posting. As you invest time in getting to know your real audience, you can learn more about the types of posts and content that they enjoy seeing in their feed. This can help you continue to create content that they interact with and share with their friends.

How to get real followers on Instagram

6. Share Your Instagram Across The Web

Your Instagram account is an extension of your brand. Make sure that it is visible across the web by including links and buttons to your account on your website and other social media platforms. Anywhere that you engage with real people on the web, make sure that they can reach – and follow – your Instagram account fast.

7. Use Hashtags Strategically

Hashtags have enjoyed a strange popularity over the years. While hashtags are still a great way to reach and engage with real followers, they can also be distracting if used improperly. Choose your hashtags strategically, and build a hashtag behavior that your real followers will actually engage with, follow, and use themselves.

8. Join In On The Conversation

Similarly to engaging with followers in your comment feed, use your Instagram account to jump in on other accounts and comment. By joining in on conversations on other accounts in your realm, you can help build awareness of your account and draw in new followers. We’ll say it again: real people follow real people.

9. Take Advantage Of Tagging

One way that Instagram users track the accounts they love is through photo tagging. By taking advantage of photo tagging, you can help include your account name on posts on other posts in a way that mirrors backlinking. Work with other accounts you follow to have them include your account in a photo tag, and continue boosting your account’s presence online.

10. Follow Followers Back

Finally, don’t forget to treat Instagram followers with the common courtesy of a follow back. However, don’t simply follow everyone who follows you. Make sure to only follow accounts of real people, and engage with them strategically to help build relationships and boost your following as their followers find you through their friend’s lists.

How to get real followers on Instagram? Start today!

There are a myriad of ways to build your real Instagram followers list, and the need to have a strong follower base has never been more important. The more real followers you have, the more likely you are to be seen in the Instagram Explore tab, as well as through the platform algorithm’s post boosting.

Try out a few of the above steps today to start seeing the benefits of real followers on Instagram. While it may take some time to start drawing in real followers, over time the growth will speed up exponentially. Invest in the steps necessary today to enjoy the results tomorrow. And if you wonder not only how to increase real followers on Instagram, but also how to make it for free read our article ‘How to Get Free Instagram Followers“.

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