How to find remote work? – read the article to find out. Growing popularity of remote work comes from the fact that it has many advantages. The flexible schedule provides the employee with work-life balance and brings substantial financial savings. This is the reason why candidates search for remote work opportunities more frequently in recent times. All prospective employees need to know how to find remote work on the job market today. To find out more about work options and search methods read our article about 7 portals with remote work job adverts.

How to find remote work? – table of content:

  1. Benefits for employee and employer
  2. Portals with remote work vacancies
  3. Portals with freelancers’ profiles
  4. Direct connection
  5. Summary

Benefits for employee and employer

The article is divided in two segments with one additional part. The first part of the text is a presentation of web-based portals, which offer remote work vacancies.

The second part of the text is concerned with skills and qualifications of the employees and additionally of web-sites, which bring freelancers together. On those web-sites the freelancers present their personal portfolios and offers of cooperation. The model of cooperation used there is based on remote work, where the client receives complete, finished solutions.

Portals with remote work vacancies

We Work Remotely

As the name suggests the portal offers remote work opportunities. Currently it has approximately 3 million users. In global terms the We Work Remotely portal is the biggest community of virtual workers. This service may be the main source of remote work for all individuals wishing to work from the comfort of their own home.

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Flex Jobs

Flex Jobs is the next recommendation for all remote work enthusiasts. Flex Jobs portal has many professionally designed features, which cannot be found elsewhere. The approach of the portal’s creators to the hiring process presents high level of expertise: each remote job type is carefully inspected by the web administrators, and as a result there are more than 50 distinctive job categories available on the web.

This is not all, Flex Job provides the employer with full, detailed description of skills required from the candidate needed during initial vetting process. The web has special system of markings with information about prizes and distinctions awarded to the individual by particular employers.

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Remote OK

The Remote OK web-site is very intuitive and simple in design. Individual job offers display the job vacancy, type of cooperation, key words for the task, and salary range – all seamlessly and orderly. With only one click, we get quick access to all the interesting details, where other functions allow us to view the prospective candidates, who already applied for the given job advert.

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The Muse

The portal shows even more comprehensive approach to the career development than the other service providers. The Muse makes recommendations of jobs to the prospective candidates. But it is not all, the web contains numerous articles with advice regarding the career building. Additionally, The Muse hires experts who offer coaching services – their assistance is available to the candidates. The session with coach may be dedicated to CV designing, job search techniques, as well as negotiation skills for salary increase or skills for upcoming interview.

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Portals with freelancers’ profiles


Fiverr is in the category of web portals, that changes the shape of job searching style. The freelancers advertise their competencies by presenting them to the prospective employers. This way of hiring is particularly comfortable and efficient from the perspective of the business, because the employer gets the highest quality available in this model, while the employee gets the access to the broad market of assignments.

how to find remote work

This portal is the unique combination of individual’s portfolio and cooperative space. Dribble focuses on freelance workers with artistic skills, who are able to make illustrations, graphics, projects of web-sites and animations. It is worth to note that the remote character of cooperation between the freelancer and the employer has no impact on the quality of work. All the templates done by the freelancers, who can be found on Dribble are of high quality, professionalism and diverse in style.

how to find remote work

Design of Upwork web-site presents all the above functionalities linked altogether – it allows search for the right employee with the specified hiring adverts. There are tabs devised for services browsing and selection of those most needed. The freelance contractors get marks for their existing achievements to help the employer to choose from the most suitable candidates for the task. All those options and functionalities make the Upwork portal the best site to place your adverts as well as to search for a job – Upwork is perfect both for employees and for employers.

how to find remote work

Direct connection

All portals described above are not the only place to search for remote work opportunities. There are other ways for searching – one of them is establishing relationships with companies, which collaborate willingly with remote work specialists. How to find such companies? How to find remote work?

There is a way and you can read about it on the We Work Remotely portal. The web, beside the traditional job offers, presents the special list of 100 companies, which have the biggest experience in hiring freelancers remotely.


Individuals ask themselves how to find remote work, while employers search for remote workers. Accordingly to the research made by Owl Labs, recently almost 16% of all international companies are able to function fully remotely. These figures are increasing systematically, what rises the interest in remote work adverts. Thanks to our list of verified freelance work portals it should be easier to find profitable, satisfying remote work.

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