A properly created career page is a chance to give a positive first impression to a site visitor. It can make even one who theoretically was not looking for a new job feel the need for a change and apply. To attract new candidates, you need to make sure it looks right. Present the values, show what the company’s mission is, and don’t forget its personality. Design everything with the right graphics. Check out our guidelines on the perfect career page and see why you should have one at all.

How to create a career page on a website? – table of contents:

  1. What is a career page?
  2. What information are candidates looking for on a company’s career page?
  3. Introduce your company
  4. Show what kind of employees you hire
  5. Highlight active job listings
  6. Present the benefits
  7. Show what makes you stand out
  8. Inform how the recruitment process looks like
  9. Introduce employees
  10. Now minimize it all
  11. Answer your pressing questions
  12. Give contact a chance
  13. Show off your social media

What is a career page?

Most people looking for possible new employment opportunities are passive job seekers. They don’t look at job portals, but if they find an interesting offer that interests them, they eagerly apply. Those actively seeking employment also carefully vet employers. Their primary source of information is the company’s website.

However, creating and listing vacancies is a bit too little. This page is the only chance to interest potential candidates and convince them to apply. Check out what to put on your career page and why you should make sure it looks professional.

What information are candidates looking for on a company’s career page?

A career site is a place designed for potential employees. So it’s worth taking their preferences into account to create a place where they can find answers to their inquiries. The key elements that candidates want to know include:

  • The amount of salary
  • Additional benefits
  • Location, ability to work remotely
  • Company culture and its values

Since candidates are looking for such information, it makes sense to address their questions. However, you should do it in such a way as to keep it both interesting and factual. You have one page to convince them that this is the place to apply. One page to get new talent into your company.

Introduce your company

This is the place where you have a chance to present basic information about your company. You can boast about new technologies, certifications you have, or an established partnership with a key partner.

The information has to attract the recipient who wants to get to know the company better. A great idea is to present the organization through the eyes of employees. You can encourage them to participate in the creation of this bookmark. Then the company will gain the human factor, which works much more convincingly on the candidate.

Information is one thing. However, the way it is conveyed also matters. If the content is dull, like in most cases, the effect will be one – pressing the cross in the upper right corner. The employee market is merciless. It is the candidates who choose the offer that suits them, not the other way around. People are not fond of reading a lot of text, so make sure the information is presented in an interesting form. You can use infographics, charts, or bet on a video presentation recorded by employees. Such a presentation is sure better received.

Show what kind of employees you hire

Different industries are looking for different specialists. While this may seem obvious to you, it may not to others. A typical manufacturing company often also hires its accountants, IT specialists, or programmers. Therefore, highlight it clearly on the site, as many candidates don’t even realize that this could be their potential workplace.

Highlight active job listings

Who you are currently looking for will be especially crucial for people who want to find a new job “now”. This will let them know whether it makes sense to submit a resume to a particular company or not.

It’s worth highlighting the positions for which there is currently open recruitment, but it’s not worth closing yourself off to a potential opportunity to gain talent from another field. Such a fallback gateway is the option of creating a separate talent database box where candidates can send their resumes, even if recruitment is currently closed. Employees are the lifeblood of any enterprise, don’t lose the chance to hire a unique gem.

Present the benefits

An interesting job with prospects for further development and a salary that suits the candidate are key elements that influence the choice. However, additional benefits offered by the employer may also become an equally important factor.

It’s a good idea to carefully list the non-salary benefits of employment with a particular company on the career page. Whether it’s extra private care, sports card subsidies or opportunities for additional development training, or maybe fruit Thursdays – write it down. By doing so, you will show candidates that you care about your employees and that there is a nice atmosphere between them. This element contributes to positive employee branding.

Show what makes you stand out

In many companies, the benefits are almost identical, and additional private medical care is practically standard. By writing in this way, your company will not be remembered by the candidate. It will disappear in the flurry of offers. The employee market requires some creativity. Show the elements that set you apart. It doesn’t have to be anything big, what matters is the element of surprise and originality.

Inform how the recruitment process looks like

Try to avoid boring information like: after sending your resume, we will contact selected candidates within 30 days. Think of it as a walk-through. Take the candidate by the hand and show him or her what will happen one step at a time—preferably using icons. This is also a good place to mention what documents will be needed for the application.

Introduce employees

An enterprise equals people. The sight of happy employees smiling at their workstations will certainly be positively received. Also, present the recruiter in this subsection. This will be the person the candidate will come into contact with first. A recruitment interview is an experience but a stressful moment too. Such a presentation will help tame the fear a bit.

How to create a career page on a website?
Now minimize it all

Remember that less is more. The website should be clear and give the candidate straightforward answers. A plethora of information will not be a good solution. Opt for an interesting presentation, graphics, infographics and videos.

Answer your pressing questions

You can do this through the FAQ section or the chatbot. This will give the candidate the feeling that he is not left alone with the information. It will help him or she summarize the knowledge and suggest what to do next. It’s also a great place to give basic tips on how to prepare for a recruitment interview. Think of this place as an opportunity to address all of the candidate’s concerns.

Give contact a chance

This is the last step you need to lead your potential employee to. Put up a clear link or contact form so they know exactly how they can apply. It’s the culmination of the whole journey, and you can’t forget about it.

Show off your social media

Today, virtually every company uses Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or TikTok. The career tab is an invaluable source of knowledge about the company, while social media provides an opportunity to look behind the scenes. Photos or videos show the daily life of the company, introduce individual employees and tell a little more about the atmosphere in the company.

These days, a career tab is a must-have for any company. Even if you are not actively recruiting, make sure it looks attractive. You never know when the need for a new employee will come, and by leaving a contact form, you will have a reserve list of applicants. Remember that the clearer the career tab, the better its candidates. Put the necessary information, but above all, make sure that the company has been advertised just like you see it.

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