Magento offers great opportunities for sellers who decide to sell using this platform. But how much does a store on Magento cost? Despite the fact that the software is free of charge, you have to reckon with additional costs, which may take on different values, depending on your expectations.

Magento – table of contents:

  1. Store preparation
  2. Appearance
  3. Platform version
  4. Integration
  5. Hosting
  6. Extras

Magento store preparation

Creating a store on Magento by yourself is free, however, not every seller can undertake such a task. In such case, they may hire an agency that specializes in this. A sample price list and what the service has to offer is provided in Magento Implementation Network. An intermediate price solution is to hire a freelancer.


The cheapest option is to choose a ready-made template. However, if the seller wants an individual project, it can cost from a few hundred to even several thousand dollars. The final price varies according to: the number of subpages to be implemented, the amount of material and their complexity, non-standard solutions, animations, etc. An indirect solution is to use a ready-made template and adjust it to individual needs, using plugins.

Platform version of magento store

A substantial influence on the price is also the choice of platform version. Magento offers three solutions:

  • Magento Open Source – a free option that includes basic solutions for e-commerce,
  • Adobe Commerce – is a fully functional e-commerce solution. The price of this solution is determined individually, but starts at about 2 thousand $ per month,
  • Magento Cloud – has identical features to Magento Commerce, but this version is fully cloud-based and managed.

A comparison of Magento Open Source and Adobe Commerce features can be seen in the image below and at this link.



Each store, at each stage, will need different integrations. The final price will depend not only on the number of integrations but also on their level of complexity. The basic integrations are, for example, payment methods, delivery, marketing tools or warehouse.


Creating a store on Magento requires the seller to buy hosting. The system requirements of the platform are high so the server must be powerful enough. Only Magento Commerce Cloud users have the hosting cost included in their license. To the price of the store, you should also add the cost associated with the purchase of a domain. It may vary from several dozen to a few hundred $ per year, but usually, the first year is free.


The merchant can use free as well as paid plugins. They are available at this link. The base of free extensions for owners of paid versions of the platform (Adobe Commerce and Adobe Commerce Cloud) is smaller.


So how much does a store on Magento cost? The final price of a store on Magento depends on the seller – his expectations, needs and choices. The level of knowledge, skills and time should also be taken into account, as it depends on them whether it is necessary to use the help of an agency (freelancer).

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