It is commonly known that PrestaShop online store is free, however, some elements require additional payments, which sometimes can be very high. So how much does PrestaShop cost? Below are the components that affect the final price of such a store.

How much does a shop on PrestaShop cost? – table of contents:

  1. Domain and hosting
  2. Installing and configuring PrestaShop
  3. Template
  4. Payment, delivery
  5. Modules and Marketing
  6. Integrations

Domain and hosting

The cost of domain and hosting varies depending on the hosting company. The image below shows the offer of 1&1 company, which is recommended by PrestaShop.


Installing and configuring PrestaShop

Sellers who can’t install and configure a store on PrestaShop by themselves can ask a specialist for help. The price of such a service can range from $15 per hour.


Every new merchant has access to an automatically applied template from PrestaShop. If they would like to choose a different theme they can opt for:

  • finding a free template, but they are often poorly suited to the platform,
  • buying a ready-made, paid template (shop) – to their price you often have to add a fee for implementation and corrections,
  • buying the author’s project – this is the most expensive option and the final price depends on the advancement of the project. Project preparation can start from $120, additional configurations may cost from $50, and the implementation of the project from $220.

Payment, delivery

Some payment modules are available for free. However, the merchant must keep in mind that operators may charge activation fees and sales commissions.

The situation is similar to the shipping methods. Some providers offer free integration, e.g. DHL, while for some popular forms you have to pay additionally.


Modules and Marketing

PrestaShop offers many free plugins. However, if a merchant would like to invest in a paid module, prices range from €41.99 to as much as €6,999.99.

A merchant who wants to promote his online shop can use plugins, which, however, are mostly paid additionally. The prices of such modules range from 69.99 euro to as much as 801.99 euro.


Some integrations with external platforms have additional fees:

  • Integration with price comparison services is a cost of approx. $25,
  • integration with ifirma accounting – free of charge,
  • integration with wfirma accounting – €58.99
  • Facebook integration – free.

How much does PrestaShop cost? It is very difficult to clearly define the cost of running a PrestaShop store. Each online store is different, their owners have different knowledge and skills and different requirements for the functions. That’s why it can be estimated that the cost of a PrestaShop shop ranges from a few to hundreds of dollars.

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