In any workplace – no matter the industry – two words are of great importance: productivity and creativity. The former is a goal in itself, while the latter is necessary when a company would like to grow, implement new products, services and solutions, and deliver the best results. It might seem that these two elements exclude one another, but they should be closely related. How to teach employees to be creative and productive at the same time?

How does creativity affect productivity? – table of contents:

  1. Productivity or creativity – which is more important?
  2. How creativity affects productivity?
  3. How to enhance creativity in a team?
  4. Summary

Productivity or creativity – which is more important?

Productivity means completing tasks in a regular way, which translates into effective and efficient use of time at work. It is necessary for the various departments in the company to achieve their goals and expected results. With creativity, the situation is completely opposite – this element requires time and space, as it means going beyond the scheme to find new solutions or improve existing processes (increasing productivity, for example, can be considered a goal).

Creative thinking is one of the qualities that the World Economic Forum in 2020 has identified as one of the 10 most important skills that will define reality in the coming years. This is just one of the reasons why you should not try to exclude it in workplaces. Another is related to the impact of creativity on the productivity of both individual employees and entire teams.


How does creativity affect productivity?

What are the characteristics of businesses that have survived for years? Not only a great product, an excellent approach to the customer or a fantastic marketing strategy, but above all the ability to adapt to constant change, which is not possible without creative solutions. This is the only way to prevent getting stuck in a rut, which can decrease productivity over time. The ability to adapt these days matters more than ever before.

It should be also pointed out that providing space for creative thinking makes employees do their tasks more passionately, which undoubtedly translates into better results. For this reason, it’s worth developing the “I care” attitude among employees. Creativity also helps when any problems arise – it promotes seeing the so-called “bigger picture” and looking for a unique and innovative solution to achieve the desired results.

How to enhance creativity in a team?

Regular brainstorming sessions

Creating a space for discussion is the best way to increase creativity. So don’t forget to schedule time in your calendar for creative thinking throughout the day – just as you schedule time to complete other tasks and be productive.Creativity in a team can be fostered by the diversity of experience, personality and approach to life that individual members possess.

It should be remembered that homogeneity is definitely not conducive to creativity – it does not provide a chance to go beyond the usual patterns. On the other hand, diversity of perspectives, views and learning styles speeds up the problem-solving process. For this reason, it is worthwhile from time to time to provide a space for people to exchange ideas.

Flexibility of employment conditions

Maintaining work-life balance encourages creative thinking. An overtired brain will not develop new, innovative solutions. For this reason, it’s worth considering the introduction of flexible employment conditions. Thanks to flexible working hours, employees no longer think about punctuality, which stimulates creativity.

Stimulating creative thinking

What is the easiest way to stimulate creative thinking in your employees? Demonstrate that this is what you care about and it will be appreciated – whether by giving employees a specific reward or praising them in public. You can also devote time to this during regular feedback meetings.


It goes without saying that there is no productivity without creativity – companies should keep this in mind and take steps to provide employees with space for creative thinking. This is especially important in the current digital age, where change is happening very dynamically and is sometimes difficult to keep up with.

Innovation, creating new solutions, taking advantage of available opportunities – all of these require space for creativity. It is worthwhile to use the ways of stimulating creativity discussed above, because in the end, as Tucker Marion, associate professor at Northeastern University D’Amore-McKim School of Business said, “companies that are creative are more successful.”

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