Whether you are organizing a specific event for the first time or for the next time, you should always facilitate the execution of specific activities – to ensure a better control over the budget or easier communication between individual team members working for a common success. Special project management software will help you achieve such a result. Curious about how this type of system will support your event marketing activities? Read on.

Project management system and event marketing – table of contents:

  1. A project and an event
  2. Project management system
  3. Firmbee – features and benefits
  4. Summary
  5. Check out our video about project management software for event management

A project and an event

If we want the event to become a tool to support the company’s most important goals, we need to look at it comprehensively – like a project that needs to start with planning, and end with implementation and evaluation of the achieved results. Helpful in this may be having a similar framework for the project and the event: an end date, a set budget, the number of people involved, the duration, a series of tasks to be performed. In this way, we will be able to ensure a smooth progress of all activities, which will translate into a positive end result.

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Project management system

Good project planners make their daily work easier by using special systems in which, among other things, it is possible to plan a schedule, set tasks, distribute work or track progress, as well as store all important information in one place with access for any authorized person. A properly designed program also allows to set goals to be achieved within a project/event, thanks to which you gain a holistic view of the situation.

Project management tools are designed to help project managers (as well as event organizers) plan, monitor and take corrective action when necessary. When we treat an event like a project, we can immediately see how much benefit we can gain by choosing the right system in our daily work.

Firmbee – features and benefits

On the market you will find a number of project management programs that you will also be able to use to organize your event. We especially recommend Firmbee, the software we created, equipped with all the functions you could possibly need. While creating our solution, we took into account the fact that a project and an event have common features, especially in the area of work planning and control over the progress and flow of information – for this reason we can assure you that Firmbee will perfectly answer all your needs when it comes to event management.

Firmbee will let you:

  • list all tasks to be completed and distribute them to specific team members (using Kanban boards and the option of task statuses, prioritization or time tracking),
  • keep calendars for different purposes,
  • set reminders for upcoming meetings or tasks to be completed,
  • monitor receipts and expenses related to the execution of events, thus having full control over the budget
  • store data of all people connected with the event – from organizers to suppliers and participants
  • communicate with other people using Slack
  • issue invoices

What’s more, putting all the tasks necessary for an event in one place will allow each person involved in the project to have an overview of the progress of the work and be able to react appropriately before a fire breaks out (e.g. by accepting a specific task or supporting processes and people at risk of not completing their duties on time). With such a program, you can forget about the numerous documents, spreadsheets or even handwritten notes where you have kept important information so far.


In many ways event management does not differ from project management. In both cases, after all, we have teams performing specific tasks at a given time focused on achieving a certain goal. Just like the implementation of a project (e.g. in an IT company) can be a challenge, given the technological problems that arise on the way, in the case of a conference or trade fair, it can be difficult to prepare the venue or agenda. It is for this reason that project management software – such as Firmbee – can also be used for event planning.

Check out our video about project management software for event management:

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