Head of Human Resources – do you know what does he do and how much he makes? Nowadays, it is hard to imagine huge organizations without Human Resources department and Human Resources director. In the era of evaluation of the labor market and change in attitude to personnel management the key role plays well organized sector of human resources and knowledgeable manager. Personnel management is an inherent part of management of human resources and is aimed at maximizing of work effectiveness gained by shaping of behavior of individual employee. Read the article to find out more about the duties of Head of Human Resources and salaries offered at such positions in the company.

Head of Human Resources – table of content:

  1. What does a Head of Human Resources do?
  2. Human Resources management
  3. Qualities of a good Head of Human Resources
  4. Salary of Head of Human Resources
  5. Summary

What does a Head of Human Resources do?

Personnel management involves making conscious impact on the behavior of all members of the organization (subordinates) to achieve business goals. Head of Human Resources has many specific duties related to planning, organizing, managing and control of functions and individuals in the company. Such duties are the same or similar for all management professionals, but Head of Human Resources should have general knowledge about management of human resources.

Efficient HR manager is able to provide balanced capacity of workforce and initiate its development. To be Head of Human Resources you should have certain skills: technical (knowledge of HR processes and problems solving methods), social (effective motivating, communication, team work), analytical (creative thinking, innovativeness, change management).

Combination of technical, social and analytical skills allows Head of Human Resources to integrate material, financial and human resources to achieve maximum level of effectiveness of business processes.

Human Resources management

The main role of Head of Human Resources is to achieve goals of the organization, while his scope of duties is related to effectiveness of work processes. Among the most important tasks of Head of Human Resources are:

  • establishment plan making and control over rotation of employees
  • recruitment process management, selection and onboarding of the new employees
  • job and work environment research and description
  • remuneration structure preparation (benefits, rewards)
  • training needs analysis, training preparation and management
  • individual career paths, promotion paths planning
  • employee assessment and workplace evaluation
  • discipline monitoring, interpersonal relations formation

Head of Human Resources frequently play a role of executors, initiators and mentors.

As an executor, the Head of Human Resources, uses human resources effectively to achieve the goals of the organization. It is possible only with his active participation in the process of acquisition and development of employees.

As an initiator, the Head of Human Resources, aims to shape organizational culture of the company based on full utilization of intellectual potential of the employees. Initiator creates forms of work organization, sets goals, measures performance and execution, defines quality policies and identifies employees with talent and potential.

As a mentor, the Head of Human Resources, supports employees mentally and professionally, offers them advice related to their workplace and career development.

Qualities of a good Head of Human Resources

Head of Human Resources should present certain set of characteristics, skills and qualifications. There is no standardized model that every Head of HR should follow, although there are some expectations he needs to fulfill. The most searched for are such personality traits as: consistency, ease of establishing relationships, flexibility, creativity, openness, punctuality and integrity. Sensitivity to the needs of other people and social problems is equally important. As to skills acquired the most important are: work experience, education and expertise. When it comes to the education the most desirable are: law, economy, sociology and psychology degrees.

head of human resources

Salary of Head of Human Resources

Salary is the main tool used to motivate employees hired in the company. Proper construction of wages increases work satisfaction and helps to keep the best and the most valuable employees with the organization. Head of HR is one of those most valuable employees hence his salary should reflect the level of responsibility that is related to his position. All the salaries for individuals employed on managerial positions are negotiated individually based on negotiable contracts.

Employees in HR departments that are employed on lower level positions are being renumerated accordingly to the wage grids of the company. Effective payment system devised for HR managers of all levels should take into account complexity of work, productivity, the position of the company on the global market and the market value of labor.

The average Head of HR in the United States is 133 000 US dollars, but the range is between 118 000 and 159 000 US dollars. Salary range depends on many factors such as: skills, experience, education, certification and the company of employment.

head of human resources


Head of Human Resources is responsible for human resources in the organization and the whole structure of the company politics in relation to personnel. The position of the Head of Human Resources means greater responsibility and the role is strategical for the company since it allows adequate usage of human potential. Effective HR manager should possess high interpersonal competencies because keeping the balance between high performance and employee satisfaction is not an easy task.

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