In today’s busy world, it is increasingly difficult to find time to make changes in our lives. Besides time, change requires regularity and repetition. Certainly, many of us tried to introduce new habits, but gave them up in the end. To make sure this does not happen again, check out apps that will support your motivation.

Top 5 habit tracking apps – table of contents:

  1. Building habits – why is it so difficult?
  2. Habit tracking – is it effective?
  3. Habit tracking apps
  4. Summary

Building habits – why is it so difficult?

Here comes a day when we are sure that we will start our journey and make a change that will positively affect our lives. On the first day we carry out the plan with enthusiasm, the same on the third and fifth day, but on the eighth day we are too tired and have no strength. Maybe we had too much work and forgot about that simple thing?

The problem with building habits is that when we are full of enthusiasm and motivation, we will easily spend a lot of time and effort to complete a task. At the same time, when we suffer from a lack of energy, it will be difficult to perform even a simple activity. In fact, a lot depends on our personality and self-denial. Not everyone has a strong will to complete tasks on their own. For some, it definitely comes more easily under some pressure or control. A great solution is to track habits and monitor them regularly with an app.

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Habit tracking – is it effective?

We like completing tasks we are assigned. It’s definitely easier for us to complete a task when we have it written down, plus we can tick it off. Keeping track of habits supports us especially during those worse days when we lack motivation. Just writing down a task will give us an extra sense that it is a commitment we have accepted and are responsible for.

Habit tracking apps

We can track habits using a piece of paper or a notebook, and this is not a bad form, but it has its limitations. Writing enhances the sense of obligation, but apps motivate us more. In addition, we have our phone with us practically all the time, which makes it much easier to make changes. The app can remind us to complete a task, and if we don’t mark it as completed, we get another reminder.

There is also the issue of statistics, most often we get information about the performance of complex activities in an accessible way. The program makes a summary, counts time or progress. Automatic statistics save time. Another issue is aesthetics, after all, we like when everything is nicely arranged and applications have a nice design.


Fabulous not only tracks habits, but is also a bit of a coach and guide. It was developed at Duke University’s Behavioral Economics Lab and is run by a professor of psychology and economics. It’s simple and intuitive, plus it tracks habit building with methods used by athletes and entrepreneurs.

After turning it on, the app asks us a few questions and gives us the opportunity to choose in which aspect of life we want to develop. The aesthetics and content of the app is top-notch, and using the interface is a pleasure. All these advantages have certainly influenced the fact that it is now one of the most popular habit-tracking applications.

Fabulous sends us daily messages on a variety of topics to reinforce habit building. In addition, the app gives us access to a discussion group where the community supports each other and helps us to pursue the goals we have set.

This application is a tool that will allow us to track habits and also provides educational materials. It has a free plan and a fully paid version.


An application that has a large audience. It stands out for its simplicity. All we need to do is to add a habit, its description, as well as decide how many times a week we want to perform a particular activity. The alarm reminds us to perform it. Users like Loop for its interface, which, thanks to its minimalism, helps us focus on the task at hand.


Life is like a role-playing game. And that’s what tracking habits looks like in Habitica. In the app we create our character and develop it while building habits. We have a hero at our disposal and it’s up to us whether it will advance to the next levels. As we grow, we get equipment, learn special skills or get a horse.

The reward system also seems interesting. After completing an activity we get gold,for which we can buy, for example, two hours of watching TV series. Certainly, this is a great application for those who love games, as gaining new levels gives them the greatest motivation.

Focus to-do

For people whose habits require spending a certain amount of time, Focus to-do will work great. It is based on the pomodoro technique, which means it supports focusing on a task until the very end and makes sure we complete the set sessions.

The app has a very intuitive and user-friendly interface. It allows us to schedule, plan and record our work or study. In addition, we have a view of statistics and reports, which gives us an easy way to see, for example, how much time we spend on a particular activity.

Another positive feature of Focus to-do is that we can use it on phones and computers. It is also available as an extension for browsers and in the Apple Watch interface.


Habitify is a fully free app that supports habit tracking. It has a typical business-style interface, plus it is based on pie charts. The app allows you to load fitness app data and is available in the Apple Watch interface, which will certainly make it easier to track physical activity habits.


Notification sounds from the phone often prompt us to take a peek. Why not use these mechanisms to track and build your habits? Let’s support ourselves with tools that make our lives easier, increase productivity and boost our motivation when it’s running low. Modern technology can be helpful in achieving goals, and habit tracking apps are a prime example.

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