Generation Z has become a significant player in the market. So important that great companies have begun to change their marketing strategies and adapt them to the tastes of the new generation. Zoomers are a unique group with slightly different values than their predecessors, the Millennials. So with the coming year, it makes sense to implement new strategies and tailor marketing campaigns to the young audience. Especially since they are extremely resistant to traditional marketing techniques. Learning about their values will help you find ways to reach them. Read on.

Generation Z – table of contents:

  1. Generation Z – that is, who?
  2. What matters to Generation Z?
  3. Why should you tailor your marketing strategy to Generation Z?
  4. 5 marketing strategies to implement in 2023
  5. Summary

Generation Z – that is, who?

If you want to create something for the new generation, you need to know who you are really targeting with your content and what makes this group different. It’s worth remembering that it’s impossible to put Generation Z into a specific time frame. Each site gives a slightly different definition, and some people still associate them with Millennials and consider them one group of digital natives.

Let’s say that Generation Z is the population born between 1997 and 2010. This means that the oldest people are already adults, and the youngest are entering their teenage years. However, this is not the most important thing. When creating marketing strategies, you need to know more about how they think and what drives their choices. It’s these elements that significantly differentiate them from Millennials, and pose quite a challenge for marketers.

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What matters to Generation Z?

For zoomers, the company’s values are very important. They are not satisfied with a product itself and are far more likely to buy something from a brand that captivates them with a story that is in line with their beliefs and lifestyle. This is a real revolution for existing companies that want to convince the digital generation of their products. They need to go deeper and change the company’s vision and mission if they want to adapt to the demands governing the market.

Most of their purchasing decisions are based on social media. This is where they look for information, and from these platforms they learn about new products worth considering. So if you’re making a plan for the new year, make using social media a priority.

Why should you tailor your marketing strategy to Generation Z?

Their aversion to advertising and the struggle for authentic content make marketing a difficult task, and often a high cost. Does it even pay off? Of course! Generation Z is now the largest population of buyers. It is their decisions that others follow. Zoomers are also loyal customers. It may be a bit costly to reach them, but if they trust a brand, they are loyal to it.

Generation Z are strong leaders who can communicate their values and persuade you to follow them. So you can be sure that they will be great brand ambassadors among their friends and family. Although some are still young and don’t have their own budget, they can successfully influence the behavior of the older generation.

5 marketing strategies to implement in 2023

Be transparent

This is a generation that wants change and to break patterns. They want to talk about difficult issues and want to see all the imperfections. They want the truth, not artificial advertising. Companies are slowly beginning to notice this need and are using not only famous celebrities or models for their campaigns, but also ordinary people. They also more and more often show their non-ideal bodies or ethnic differences.

Transparency is also important in all of this. When creating marketing content, you must approach it not just as an element generating sales, but treat it as your value. Integrity is key here. Zoomers can find all sorts of information and search the Internet to verify it. Remember that apart from official communications, users have access to online forums, which are beyond censorship.

It’s not enough to just talk about values and social responsibility. This generation wants solid evidence and equality between the brand and its audience. Show that your social responsibility is not just slogans spread on the Internet, but values that you show in your actions.

Take care of social media

It’s a fact that social media sells. Both small companies and giants in the industry know about it. When looking for your place on the web, it is worth learning the specifics of each channel. This way you will determine where your potential audience is.

What’s more, Generation Z treats social media like previous Google generations. It’s where they look for the first information about a product using hashtags and tags. So remember about keywords and make yourself searchable.

No matter what platform you choose, you need to know that catchy videos sell today. You have just a few seconds to attract the customer. If you manage to do it, you can expect them to go deeper and visit your profile or learn more about your products. However, you need to make a good first impression.

Forget about boring videos without expression. They will disappear in the nooks and crannies of the Internet and won’t attract anyone. Don’t be afraid of creating funny, ironic or intriguing videos. Get silly, follow trends and play with social media. This is what Generation Z expects. If you draw their attention, they will spend hours following the content you share. Treat these short videos as a starting point to show more important topics.

Build an engaged community

It’s not just about running a social media profile. Focus on building an engaged community. Although this is a time-consuming process and requires some commitment, it is definitely worth it. Generation Z will appreciate the sense of community and connection between the customer and the brand, and will repay you by spreading their opinions further. It’s also worth mentioning here that content created by other users, their reviews on a product or interesting opinions, sell far better than paid advertising.

Concentrate on creating a relationship with your audience, not on the content itself. Show that they can count on your help when choosing the right product or answering their question. Take a peek into the comments section – interesting discussions often take place there. Reply, share and comment. Be part of the community.

Cooperate with influencers

This is a topic that most brands are already familiar with. Many of them have recognized and appreciated the power of influencers and entrusted them to promote their products. No wonder, after all, the vast majority of Gen Zs observe various influencers who suit them in terms of their views or the way they convey information.

It’s a really powerful marketing tool that offers great opportunities. With a properly directed collaboration with an influencer, you can gain more than just brand favorability and product sales. It all depends on what you really need. Remember that influencers have engaged recipients that will eagerly answer their questions, and the data they get will show you what Generation Z really expects and allow you to tailor your product or service to those expectations.

Start seeing the potential in long-term actions. It’s not just about promoting a product and making a sale. Try to implement thoughtful marketing strategies and adapt the tools to your needs.

Optimize your website for mobile devices

Zoomers love using social media, but they still finalize the purchase on the store’s website. Obviously, this is all done from a cell phone. So if you want to minimize the number of abandoned shopping carts, you need to make sure that your site is fully optimized for mobile devices. It might seem that this is not a novelty, but still many companies do not have responsive websites. If you decide to run a social media campaign, don’t forget to link to it on your website.


You can’t deny that Generation Z is a demanding audience that absolutely rejects traditional marketing. They put transparent, fun and light-hearted content above big-budget campaigns. They want authenticity and appreciate brands that are involved in social activities. They pay great attention to the values that a company professes, and this is a key element influencing their buying decisions. Community is important to them. They want to belong to it and feel part of it. So if you’re planning your marketing strategy for the coming year and want to reach Generation Z, take their values into account.

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