Gamification in recruitment is another great way to find the best candidates for your company. The term gamification refers to the use of game elements in different contexts than is usually encountered. This method is used in increasingly diverse areas, including recruitment. Introducing game elements to the recruitment process increases the level of candidates’ engagement, stimulating their motivation. At the same time, the company gains a valuable tool to verify the qualifications of potential employees, who can demonstrate their skills also in less predictable situations.

Gamification in recruitment – table of contents:

  1. Gamification, a great modern method of recruitment
  2. The main advantages of gamification
  3. Summary

Gamification, a great modern method of recruitment

Nowadays, employees, especially those with specialized qualifications, are gaining an increasingly strong position in the labor market. Top-class professionals have no problem finding a job, and even the companies themselves strive for them. So how to stand out from other offers and attract the best-suited candidates?

This strategy most often takes the form of introducing specially designed games or quizzes to evaluate candidates who are encouraged to respond to various stimuli. The recruitment process itself becomes more varied for them. As a result, they can show the employer even not fully conscious behavior or hidden talents. Combining work with the game undoubtedly makes it more attractive, but companies deciding to use gamification must remember to maintain a balance between entertainment and the implementation of the main goals of the organization.

The key to success is the introduction of elements of the game that connect with the business profile of a given company. Too much inspiration for games can be perceived even as an unprofessional approach to the candidate. In addition, an important aspect is an open communication with potential employees. The employer should present clear rules of the game and criteria for assessing its results at the very beginning. At the same time, the recruiters providing feedback effectively identify areas that still need to be improved.

The main advantages of gamification

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A well-thought-out application of gamification has a positive effect on both the candidate and the company. An unconventional approach to recruitment distinguishes the brand on the market, thanks to which it becomes possible to attract even the best specialists to the organization. By improving the experience of candidates, the company also builds its image. Therefore, a stronger relationship is created between the employer and the new employee.

The introduction of elements of the game provides entertainment and at the same time enables practical use of the knowledge. Gamification in recruitment minimizes the stress related to the recruitment process and turns it into active fun. As a result, the company is perceived on the market as more modern and creative, which attracts passive candidates and younger people, who search for employment.

Usage of games become the test for potential employees. On the one hand, they allow the recruiters to immediately verify the skills and predisposition of candidates, and on the other side, they give the recruiters a chance to check their abilities in the game, sometimes even allowing them to discover their talents.

Find the best employees

Gamification in the process of recruitment streamlines the processes, by finding the candidates that are best for the given position. At the same time, the risk of time wasted on conversations is diminished. Non-standard forms of recruitment frequently require more involvement from the candidates, they generally have to demonstrate outstanding skills in a specific field.

Therefore, such an interview is chosen by genuine people who are interested in the position and who have something to offer. In addition, the recruiter is familiarized with the detailed activities and profile of the company from the very beginning. The games reflect the nature of the organization, and its main goals, and allow one to visualize the duties that a potential employee will have to perform after employment.

Interactive but also structured form puts the candidate himself and his actions at the center of the process. Games simulation situations from an average working day test various types of skills, facilitating a real assessment of the real predispositions of candidates.

As a result, the selection process itself is also more efficient, and the associated costs are significantly reduced. This recruitment method arouses more interest in the labor market than its traditional varieties and attracts many candidates who value an innovative approach. By using special platforms, the company can recruit in one place in a shorter time, which saves extremely valuable time.

gamification in recruitment


Currently, gamification in recruitment is an important tool helping in the search for new talents. The active form, to some extent, forces the candidate to present real skills and attitudes, even in crisis. A recruiter can therefore quickly and accurately verify the real predisposition of a potential employee, focusing only on those ideally suited to the company.

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