Every day, managers in companies do their best to organize the resources they have – to distribute tasks in the best possible way, or to provide space for last-minute assignments. This requires them not only to know each employee’s workload but also to exercise control over absences. After all, comprehensive leave management is essential to ensure that a company works properly – especially during holidays. In today’s blog post, we will explain how to organize this process and what solutions can help. Read on.

Effective leave management – table of contents

  1. What is leave management?
  2. How to manage leave effectively?
  3. Leave management systems
  4. Firmbee – leave management module
  5. Summary

What is leave management?

It’s undeniable that the larger the company, the greater the difficulties in organizing resources – due to an increasing number of employees, HR professionals or team leaders find it difficult to keep track of all the information about absences. However, proper leave management is of strategic importance, as uncontrolled absences can disrupt any business, leading to work stoppages and an inability to make important decisions. At the same time, it requires compliance with law, control of the used days or the type of leave request (annual leave, leave on demand, maternity leave, unpaid leave) to accurately calculate remuneration. Any errors in this area can have serious consequences.

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How to manage leave effectively?

Companies across industries use various tactics to control absenteeism. Some of them require the creation of a comprehensive absence plan in advance for the entire year, while others take a less rigid approach, requiring only a few weeks’ notice before taking time off (depending on the length of leave). It is also usually assumed that the absences of people with similar roles in the team must not overlap, so that there is always at least one person available who can help in each area – among frontline staff, management, and team leaders. While smaller companies may be able to manage absences independently, companies with hundreds of employees need to automate this process to ensure it runs smoothly.

Leave management systems

To make leave management effective, it is necessary to use a tool that supports the process in a proper way. Leaders and HR staff used to rely on paper documentation and calendars – technological progress has led to the development of leave management software and more comprehensive platforms such as Firmbee. Such systems shorten the circulation of documents related to absences, giving managers a chance to make a quick decision about whether a given employee can take time off on a given day (whether they will have a replacement at that time, or whether they will not exceed the number of days they are entitled to, etc.).

Firmbee – leave management module

How can you use Firmbee to manage employee leave? This system gathers all the data in one place, so that each person in the company knows who is absent at a given time. They also receive information on who their replacement is, and thus they can resolve burning issues without having to wait for the right person to return to work.

Team managers, on the other hand, get an overview of the days off on the calendar, which helps to prevent the dangers of organizational chaos. At the same time, Firmbee also streamlines the process of submitting, tracking and approving time off requests, which certainly matters to your company or team members. At any time, employees can take a peek at their profile and check how many days they have left to use, allowing them to plan their time off wisely.


Managing employee leave is one of the fundamental processes taking place in any workplace, and should definitely not cause any difficulties related to project delays, indecisiveness, misinformation, and organizational chaos. However, if you notice such problems in your company, you should certainly look for the right solution – especially since it’s within your reach.

A tool like Firmbee will let you exercise full control over each employee’s absences through the automation of submitting, approving, and tracking requests (eliminating paperwork) and constant access to the calendar. Thanks to Firmbee, you will be able to make decisions regarding absences from work quickly and easily.

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