The process of distributing your first e-book for customers resembles a long-term investment. However, after some time, the painstaking work, dedication and hours of preparing the content will bring the desired results. These are: reaching a specific target group and providing compelling content. Thanks to them, not only high-quality leads are generated, but also the image of the company is strengthened.

E-book for customers – topics covered:

E-book – build a loyal customer base

A professional customer e-book is an invaluable marketing product for reaching a wide audience. However, a company that decides to release an electronic work takes a lot of responsibility for the quality of the content it contains. An e-book should have an expert tone and exhaust the topic discussed in it.

Therefore, it is one of the most difficult forms of creating content, which at the same time brings the most effective results.

It helps to develop the desired image of the company as an expert in its field. The company becomes an authority: the knowledge contained in the e-book provides reliable information, is a chance to understand (even for a layman) the basic aspects related to the discussed topic, allows to get acquainted for free with useful information for the reader.

Content is king

Advice on how to write the first e-book for customers should start with the most important, substantive aspect. Specifically, it is the specialized content, which must have the hallmarks of an expert study. Even a small mistake in the content, e.g., regarding the specificity of a given field, can alienate the recipient to a given subject, negating the writer’s efforts.

Company e-book is therefore one of the most difficult forms of copywriting because it requires not only advanced subject knowledge of the author paired with a visionary approach to the discussed topic, but also the inclusion of an elegant graphic design tailored to the context of the work. Even carefully packaged, but empty content will not pass the test in this case.

More is required from electronic essays than from regular blog content. If the client does not get what he expects, he will surely feel disappointed.

An e-book for customers that will take your business to the next level


The issues concerning the expert tone of the texts that make up the e-book are the unquestionable aspect that should be taken care of first. The next activities, which help to achieve a satisfactory final effect, concern technical work. An e-book for customers must have an attractive graphic design that attracts attention.

The aesthetics of the text must be preserved as well – numerous editorial programs will help in this, enabling the adaptation of the content to visual needs. While the simplest applications, available e.g., in the Office package, will suffice to create the content, specialist graphics programs will come in handy to design the cover or the appearance of individual pages.

E-book distribution

Even if you already have a complete, substantive e-book for customers, there is still the issue of distributing it properly. A dedicated page, the so-called landing page, can be helpful for this purpose, thanks to which we can encourage visitors to download our publication.

You should also remember to show your first e-book in a graphically attractive manner. Stock photos and videos can help with this.

If our efforts have attracted an internet user to our own landing page, we can also use this fact to gather valuable information. We can use this information to find out if the visitor is likely to be a strong lead or if they came to us by accident and will not be interested in our services.

The process of obtaining data must be easy and not absorbing for the recipient. It should focus on just a few of the most relevant questions.

Reap the desired benefits

A company e-book allows you to effectively strive for the attention of new audiences. It is the most expert and attractive form of providing useful information combined with an advertising theme.

While there are many ways to write an e-book for customers, what really matters is a visionary approach and an unconventional idea – one that fills a gap and meets the need of internet users building valuable leads.

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Author: Mira Bodhi

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