Have you ever wondered what DaaS is, what it consists of and what are the benefits it can bring to your business? At a time when the cost of hiring employees and other costs associated with the operation of a company are constantly growing, the possibility of transferring some tasks to external entities specialized in a particular field becomes a very tempting option. For this reason, outsourcing opportunities are appearing in an increasing number of areas (in line with the concept of “everything can become a service” and the sharing economy), as well as taking on entirely new forms. One of them is related to the management of the company’s IT area, a model known as Device as a Service.

How can DaaS help your business? – table of contents:

  1. Device as a Service – what is it?
  2. What is the essence of DaaS?
  3. Device as a Service – main benefits
  4. What else will DaaS provide you with?
  5. Device as a Service – summary

Device as a Service – what is it?

Not so long ago, company phones, laptops, mobile devices, or other electronic equipment were acquired by signing lease agreements – used for a certain period without actual acquisition, paying predetermined monthly fees. Nowadays, the Device as a Service model, whereby third-party companies lease the electronic equipment needed by the customer, is becoming increasingly popular. As with leasing, therefore, there is no need to purchase the equipment. However, in applying this model you go one step further – you contract an outside company to deliver or pick up (retire) the necessary equipment, and at the same time you comprehensively manage its life cycle (including selecting the best option for the employee, maintenance, repair, replacement, troubleshooting, etc.).

What is the essence of DaaS?

DaaS is not only about providing electronic equipment without acquisition but also about taking over other tasks related to the operation of the acquired equipment, which is usually done within the framework of a subscription or subscription purchased for a specified period. Such care covers all the company’s equipment – both located in the office and by remote workers.

What’s more, companies offering the possibility of cooperation in the Device as a Service model frequently provide full customization of IT management services to meet individual company needs. It is also interesting to note that some of them offer only services related to tangible devices, while others provide various types of software (in the form of an option known as Software as a Service, SaaS).


Device as a Service – main benefits

What does taking some IT management processes out of the company “outside” translate into? Undoubtedly, the biggest advantage of operating in the Device as a Service model should be considered a significant reduction in the existing burden on the IT department. As a result, there is an opportunity to reallocate the resources thus gained to other important areas within the company (e.g., those related to cybersecurity, which is a pressing issue for many businesses today).

What’s more, this way you shift the selection and maintenance of equipment to handle onto specialists who will make sure that the equipment serves your employees for as long as possible. As a result, you will optimize your costs associated with supplying employees with the necessary gear.

What else will DaaS provide you with?

Streamlining your IT department’s processes is not the only benefit you can count on by opting for Device as a Service. In such a way you additionally receive, among other things:

  • access to the latest technologies without having to search for them and incur significant financial expenses (equipment replacements are predetermined),
  • constant ability to increase or decrease the number of devices you use – following the reported demand, without having to exercise control yourself and stop the work performed by individuals (no downtime),
  • quick handling of technical problems with equipment – because the employee does not have to wait for an IT person to find time to deal with an issue,
  • the ability to predict the cost of owning the equipment – as a result, this area becomes an operating expense (calculated monthly) rather than an investment expense, making it significantly easier to manage the company budget.

Device as a Service – summary

One of the characteristics that best characterizes modern business is undoubtedly the high (and therefore fast) use of electronic equipment – laptops, phones or various types of mobile devices – whose acquisition cost is relatively high (depending, on the course, on the products chosen, the size of the company, the number and quality of devices needed, etc.). So it is not surprising that more and more companies are opting for cooperation in the Device as a Service model, thanks to which they optimize costs, streamline IT management processes and gain the other benefits outlined above. It is worth considering taking advantage of this solution, especially if you see a need in your company to improve the current situation in the IT department.

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