Centralized information system – have you got one in your company? The flawless circulation of information in the company is the key issue for every company. A centralized information system is a way to improve information flows. Read the text to find out more about the solutions that can improve the condition of your business.

Centralized information system – table of contents:

  1. Centralized information system
  2. Implementation of information system
  3. What are the benefits of centralized information systems?
  4. Summary

Centralized information system

The proper and satisfactory circulation of information in the company is key to success. Each employee has to be aware of his role, his tasks, and perspectives for the future. The employee should understand the rules, the aims, and the priorities that are present in the company.

The efficient provision of information requires the preparation of a comprehensive plan of internal communication, that includes: communicative aims, communication addressees, forms of communication, tools for communication, a budget for improving communicative processes, schedule of activities.

The implementation of the above should help to manage teams effectively, improve the relations between employees and the management, and generally improve the organizational culture of the company.

During the study on the effectiveness and internal communication made by the SwResearch agency more than 500 employees from companies that employ more than 50 people were asked what is key to successful management of the company.

The biggest group of respondents claimed that effective internal communication is the most important factor for successful management. This was the response of 40,3 % of employees from companies that employ from 51 to 250 employees, and 45% of employees from companies with more than 500 employees.

Among the other, frequently mentioned factors were: transparency of goals, openness to ideas, ability to make decisions, and modern, innovative technologies.

Implementation of information system

Every economic entity has some functioning information systems that process information. The mere name of the system points out that those systems deal with information. Contemporary companies cannot deal without efficient information flow, both in digital and paper form.

An information system is a structure that allows the user the processing the information from input to output. The theory of management states that an information system is a set of material and financial means as well as algorithms and people that ensures the efficient management of the company.

The aim of the implementation of the information system in the company is the facilitation of data collection, improvement of data analysis, easy access to knowledge and expert opinions, and reduction of human factors.

How to implement a centralized system of information? Initially, a detailed analysis of the company is needed. One has to pay attention to the specificity of the company and its characteristics to adjust the solutions to the organization.

Currently, the automatization of information systems is the standard that enhances the operation of management systems. It allows automation of activities, provides information, and facilitates team work in companies that have many departments.

What are the benefits of centralized information systems?

More and more companies are introducing centralized information systems. The benefits that come from the solution are huge. The operation on one single platform, which everybody has access to, significantly facilitates everyday work.

It can be applied to the regular workers, as well as to the management team. The leaders and directors have access both to the input information such as data and instructions and output information such as calculations and reports. Thanks to this they can run the analysis at any time and keep an eye on all processes, which significantly improves the running of the whole business.

Information systems of any type can help to manage the company. CRM systems deal with client relations. Those systems collect information about business partners and the history of the cooperation, they facilitate communication between teams. This is a way to improve customer service in your company. With CRM systems you have control over your budgets and all tasks and assignments.

More and more companies introduce ERP systems – such comprehensive solutions are used to manage all parts of the company (accounting, sales, marketing, task delegating, production, storage). The system improves the information flow and provides consistency of data (which improves the quality of business analyses).

It is unbelievable support for the company, that enables development in each field. For many businesses, it is crucial to integrate ERP with the B2B sales platform. This is a way to use all the functionalities the online B2B store provides.

ERP system allows automatization of sales processes, this lowers the cost and unburdens the staff. This means that the company does not need as many sales representatives as before, because part of their work is done by the computer. The rest of the employees can stop inserting transaction data manually – instead, they can concentrate on the acquisition of new clients. All due to the fact, that data once inserted into the online store system is present everywhere in the ERP system and can be accessed at any moment.

Thanks to ERP systems the whole process of ordering can speed up, and the data about products is actualized immediately, which increases the control over the stocks. The sales representatives won’t have to call clients to inform them that there is no product in stock anymore.

Centralized information system.


A centralized information system makes the work of the whole company effective and efficient. Everybody has access to data, that is needed at the given moment.

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