Do you know that an effective team might be a huge value to the company, even outside of work? Change your employee into a real ambassador of your brand. Learn what brand ambassadors are and how to create them. Read on.

Brand ambassador – table of contents:

  1. What are brand ambassadors?
  2. Brand ambassador strategy – is it worth it?
  3. How to create brand ambassadors?
  4. Summary

What are brand ambassadors?

The main features of brand ambassadors is their commitment and loyalty to their employer. They eagerly talk about their work and benefits of doing a particular job. For many, social media are a key tool in promoting and maintaining brand awareness.

Qualities of an ideal brand ambassador:

  • energy and commitment to work,
  • communicativeness,
  • passion and enthusiasm,
  • knowledge and wide competencies,
  • positive image.

Brand ambassador strategy – is it worth it?

Sure, it is. This is confirmed by the collected data. Brand authenticity is important not only for customers, but also for job candidates. TalentNow informs that a half of potential applicants will not start cooperating with a company with bad reputation. 2017 CareerArc Employer Branding Study alarms that 64% of consumers have stopped using products and services of a particular brand due to mistreatment of their own employees. Care for integrity of business relationships is a strong competitive advantage.

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Here are the remaining benefits of creating brand ambassadors:

  • increasing brand authenticity and building brand trust,
  • communicativeness,
  • improving employee engagement,
  • creating a rich talent pool and optimizing future recruitment processes,
  • matching the right talents to the right roles.

How to create brand ambassadors?

1. Encourage

Encourage your employees to share their working experience in social media. Words of encouragment should not be enough. A modern company ought to guarantee the right conditions for being an ambassador, otherwise, the result will be the opposite. Organize employee events, trainings and workshops to give them a pretext to post about your business from their point of view.

2. Train

Provide taining and guidance to your employees so as they feel more comfortable being open about your company in social media. This issue is particularly important in the context of the presented report. As many as 76% of respondents indicate that posts published by average social media users are more credible than branded content. Regular and interesting messages are a strong foundation for every ambassador. Employees are happy to share novelties that emphasize the professionalism of the company since they are part of it.

3. Support

One way to help your employees who post on social media is to provide high-quality content they can share. Another way is to let them post on a company blog. Such a solution is beneficial to all parties. The employer gets a tool for communicating with clients and potential candidates, and the author boosts their personal brand.

4. Reward

Happy brand ambassadors are more efficient, so it is important to keep them motivated. This special function should be an honour, not a reason for doing extra duties and sacrifice. A reward can be anything. e.g. company gadgets, teambuilding events, bonuses and other perks. Giving verbal praise is another form of reward that will emphasize the ambassador’s responsible role.


Changing a regular employee into a brand ambassador takes time and assistance, especially by HR department. According to Harvard Business Review, a bad company reputation increases recruitment costs by 10%. Credible brand ambassadors can generate huge saving for your company and become a great investment in the future.

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Author: Zofia Lipska

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