B2B e-commerce is currently an important element of the functioning of any company. Many companies cannot imagine not having a B2B platform. This huge enhancement of work, that can be accessed constantly 24/7 requires permanent maintenance and attention of the owner. One has to stay on top of things and accordingly to his abilities implement efficient B2B solutions. What kind of B2B e-commerce solutions can you introduce in your company? Read the article to find out more.

B2B e-commerce – table of contents:

  1. Successful B2B e-commerce
  2. Online shop and SXO
  3. Interesting content
  4. Variety of payment methods
  5. GoogleAds campaign
  6. Reviews
  7. Summary

Successful B2B e-commerce

The market for B2B e-commerce grows stronger each year. It is worth investing in this method of product sales because it brings greater profits than other forms and allows the lowering of customer service costs.

Before implementing the specific solutions, one has to perform detailed research. Firstly one should indicate the position of the brand in the given sector of the market. Is the brand seen as it is desired by the company? The next necessary step is an identification of the target group and setting the goals of the e-commerce campaigns.

What else can be done, to become a successful B2B e-commerce player? The analysis of the competition is one of the most important operations that have to be performed before the launch of the e-commerce platform.

As the company owner, you have to check ahead of time, how the B2B internet shops of your competitors work. Check their: product range, sales tactics, presence on social media, Google Ads campaign usage, and website structure.

To increase the turnover coming from this sales channel one has to implement the right marketing strategy. What else has to be taken into consideration?

Online shop and SXO

SXO strategy is a combination of UX and SEO, and it concentrates it is concentrating its efforts on creating a website that is user-friendly concerning the User Experience rules, and well optimized. Thanks to all these endeavors the customer will find the online store faster and will stay on the website for a longer time. There is a need to pay an attention to the right choice of keywords, the high quality of the content, preparation of the intuitive navigation, and the speed of page loading.

Interesting content

Internet marketing is based on the content – very important is the description of the company, as well as the description of services provided or products offered, social media communication, and blog articles. Those are the most effective ways to encourage potential buyers to convert.

The content has to be unique and visually present the benefits that come with the fact of purchasing the given product. It is worth using storytelling techniques to evoke emotions, images, and feelings in potential clients. Well established and operated content strategy allows to increase the visibility of the brand in the network, which influences positively the traffic on the website.

b2b e-commerce

Variety of payment methods

The easiness of making shopping encourages clients to cooperate with the online B2B shop. In business relations, trade credits and other similar forms are in use, but generally, the methods of payment are particularly important in sales. The buyers will appreciate the fact that they can use both the traditional transfers and PayPal or ApplePay payment method.

Google Ads campaign

Google Ads campaign requires large financial outlays, but is particularly efficient – the effects of such a campaign can be seen almost immediately. In this way, one may reach the precisely established target group. If you analyzed ahead, who is your buyer persona, Google Ads will help you to reach that person directly. Thanks to this technique you have better chances to encourage your target group to buy your products. You may aim your campaign at the people, who have visited your website, but have not made a purchase and remind them about your offer.


Encourage your loyal client to make reviews, leave references, and post opinions about your products. This can be realized in the form of the text, video material, or image, where your product can be seen. On the website create a special section for the reviews of your clients. Build the positive image of your brand and show your best sides. Present yourself as trustworthy and reliable and expect higher turnover and more realized sales transactions.

b2b e-commerce


E-commerce has become a global phenomenon. With more and more people getting connected to the internet, it is only natural that there will be an increase in online transactions. There are already over 300 million people who shop online every month. And this number is expected to grow exponentially with time. But, what about the business-to-business (B2B) transactions? The market for these transactions is huge and it’s growing too!

B2B e-commerce is a type of e-commerce that targets businesses and not consumers. Business-to-business transactions are often more complicated than consumer transactions because there are many more stakeholders involved in the process. To become a successful player in B2B e-commerce one should know the marketing rules and the specialized software.

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