In today’s article, we’d like to present four personality types following the DISC model. We hope, that the knowledge will come in handy not only in business solutions but also in your everyday life. Take a minute and find out what personality you have and how to use it to your advantage.

DISC model – table of contents:

  1. DISC model – brief intro
  2. Look inside
  3. DISC model – 4 main personality types

DISC model – brief intro

The name of this innovative project derives from the abbreviation of the English names of the identified personality profiles, but more on that in a moment. American psychologist William Marston devoted his life to studying various reactions to particular environments and circumstances people have and came out with the system naming it DISC.

Studying behavior allowed Marston to distinguish four tendencies: extroverted, introverted, focused on a specific task and focused on other people. Moreover, each has an additional personality profile associated with specific tendencies:

  1. Dominant: active use of force to overcome resistance in the environment
  2. Influencing: use of charm to deal with obstacles
  3. Steady: warm and voluntary acceptance of the need to fulfill a request
  4. Cautious: fearful adjustment to a superior force

Look inside

Look inside!” There is a stream of power that will never run dry as long as you can see it!” Marcus Aurelius couldn’t have realized that phrase and many other quotes, dialogs, would lay the foundation for the research and studies of human thought and behavior. For the knowledge provided by ancient scholars sparked most schools of thought in modern social sciences, especially psychology and its practical applications in business.

The above examples of personalities enrich our knowledge and experience connected to performance. An individual set of traits, strengths predispositions, behavioral patterns, and approaches to attitude and motivation characterize each tendency and profile. That’s in theory but what are the practical benefits of this knowledge?

More and more organizations and recruitment companies decide to use the available tests and questionnaires to determine the personality of their workers – for example, the DISC model. Such information influences the selection of an adequate candidate, which increases efficiency and productivity in a given area of the company. However, this is not the end of the advantages, as a proper diagnosis can develop an insight to renders a positive attitude, improve interpersonal communication and facilitate building strong relationships.

4 types of personality - DISC model

DISC model – 4 main personality types

A preferential set of traits and factors make up a single personality trait. is by that initiate desired actions. The use of hotspots brings many benefits in both personal and professional contexts.

  1. Dominant

  2. This temperament type is a blend of strong focus and openness. As extroverts with an assertive attitude, the dominant type will crave control over the situation and rein in. The Alpha-male type with its ins and outs, independence, and willpower like no other. The tendency to engage in continuous operations makes this person ideal for solving potential problems.

    A specific disposition also presents itself in the form of motivation. Dominants love to be given opportunities and the opportunity to make choices. A huge incentive here is the presentation of challenges and a picture of future success. Dominant individuals want to hear about their achievements, abilities, potential, and also value. Material recognition is also an excellent form of reward.

  3. Influencing

  4. The influencing personality is a true combination of exceptional leadership skills, communication skills, and extroverted tendencies. Persuasion is their main style of operation and they need overwhelming signs of approval and acceptance. The inspirational community is best suited for duties directly related to the proximity of other people. A very important factor that affects the way of behavior is the fear of rejection.

    A critical motivational feature characterizing Influencer concerns the way they initiate ideas together with the verve to develop them and keep working. The character of an influencer enjoys praise in the presence of friends, acquaintances, or colleagues. Hence, a good piece of advice is to let this speak a few sentences about their achievements It is to get connected to other people. That will power their engagement greatly. It’s also a good idea to direct compliments towards personal qualities and to delegate short-term tasks that don’t require long-term commitments.

  5. Steady

  6. Those folks value, above all, a sense of security and stability. However, a lack of excessive excitement and elation does not mean a lack of commitment; quite the opposite. Enormous amounts of patience, the ability to observe their surroundings, and constant loyalty – these qualities make them highly valued and respected members of any group. They also show good coordination of work and life, striving to build routine with optimized schemes of functioning.

    Let’s note the Steady can provide a positive influence on other group members, especially family members. As a strong commitment to harmony and balance lies like that personality, their employed should focus on the benefits of both social and medical aspects.

  7. Cautious

  8. The cautious type thrives when solitary, away from cooperation, team engagement, and group gatherings of all kinds. Contrary to common belief, this strategy has also many benefits. Their employer will find careful, meticulous, and determined. Combining independence and flexibility with perfect execution of tasks, these turn out as carefully conceived, structured out, and characterized by an appropriate structure and organization. The foundation of each activity is logic, and the worst enemy – oversight, gaffe, and the possibility of error.

    All attempts of persuasion aimed at the Cautious should include impeccable and consistent argumentation. To this end, it is useful to assist with all forms of documentation and illustration. This prudent personality type will not appreciate overly personal forms of showing gratitude, but it is worth noting the effectiveness of their actions. Also, they show great interest in personal development and education, that’s why any form of training, courses, workshops, as well as coaching, is a great way to say express appreciation and encourage development.

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Author: Nicole Mankin

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