A project management & recruiting software for remote teams

Cooperate with your team, whether you’re in the same room or in different corners of the world.

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Collaborate with your team

Work anywhere together with a software for remote teams.

Equip your coworkers with a multifunctional platform that lets everyone stay in the communication loop. Reach every single team member without effort. Distribute tasks between coworkers and easily check your team’s workload. Empower employees to exchange task information and share structured feedback. Avoid unnecessary e-mail threads thanks to task comments and user mentions.

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Recruit candidates

Build your remote team with ease.

Search for candidates, move them through all recruitment stages and reduce the time-to-hire.

  • Design your own recruitment flows.
  • Create HR profiles and post job offers.
  • Store clauses, contracts, CV’s, portfolios and more.
  • Track the time and costs related to a given search.


Move projects forward

Understand and master your projects as they happen. Plan, track, & deliver work effortlessly.

Set project expectations, scopes, details, deadlines and give your team access to all the information. Create action plans, exchange task information, and ensure a clear distribution of responsibilities.

  • Track the project progress with kanban boards.
  • Recieve real-time updates.
  • Set priorities and statuses for certain tasks.
  • Check your team’s activities, measure the costs and time effectiveness.


Manage all your finances

Make better decisions and stay on top of your costs with live insights.

Calculate employee costs automatically and if needed set custom rates for certain coworkers. Analyze your team’s timesheets and track expenses related to their work. Settle with your employees and clients, track payments, and always know if you’re sticking to the budget. Use all the gathered finance information to automatically issue all types of invoices.


Stay on top of your deadlines

Keep up with all meetings, tasks and issues.

Juggling a remote team is full of challenges. With our calendar and agenda, keeping up with your deadlines is no longer an issue.

  • Create calendars for different purposes and share them across teams.
  • Check if your team is completing tasks on time.
  • Recieve reminders for upcoming tasks, meetings or events.
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For several industries

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