Here you can find how to manage your recruitment and coworking workflow with Firmbee. With Firmbee coworking module you can merge and store candidate profiles from multiply sources like LinkedIn or Facebook in one smart tool.
  • Manage your recruitments by creating HR profiles containing detailed information about the perfect candidates profile. Specify your requirements according to the candidate experience, salary, type of contract, skills, location and more.
  • Create job posts for HR profiles and define the start and end date of publication. Set a reminder when the expiration date of a job offer or GDPR clause is close.
  • Asses candidates and store all details related to the recruitment process like notes, files, reviews, portfolios, clauses and activities.
  • Use an advanced search engine and more than 12 tags when searching for contacts inside the system.
  • Divide the responsibilities between team members. Easily track recruitment progress with statuses, agendas and tasks.
  • Keep an eye on the candidate’s application status and the recruitment stage.
  • Set notifications which will remind you to get back to the candidate.
In addition to conducting external recruitments, you can also recruit employees for your own company. After completing the process just switch your job candidate into a coworker inside the system to give him access to Firmbees functions. You can also connect the user with other coworkers to enable their cooperation.