Popular management styles – Lewin-Lipitt-White & Reddin’s approach

People who perform tasks related to managerial functions in a company use methods to supervise people. Management styles vary according to experience, employees’ predispositions, or […]


Bitcoin effectively makes it to the stock market – basic on going crypto

Bitcoin, the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, has been exciting investors and those interested in capital markets for years. No wonder, given that from March 2020 […]

Prepare your first e-book for customers

The process of distributing your first e-book for customers resembles a long-term investment. However, after some time, the painstaking work, dedication and hours of preparing […]


How to make extra cash? 10 DIY ideas

Spending more time at home doesn’t have to be just an unpleasant lockdown obligation. With a bit of imagination, discipline, and our DIY ideas, you […]

how to recruit employees

How to recruit employees using Facebook? 4 ways to find the perfect candidate

Social media have become an excellent platform for information flow. They serve not only as a place for free data exchange – their complexity can […]

transcription of video recording

Transcription of video recordings – 7 reasons why you should do it

Why is a transcription of video recordings a good idea? Video is the future of business – according to Cisco’s research, in 2022 even 82% […]

company values

Company values and mission – what should your company be associated with?

What is the company mission, how to define it? What values is your company to be associated with, what is its vision? While terms like […]

How to make money on is a global outsourcing platform that has been around for a dozen years and continues to grow. The site was created to facilitate contact […]


Web writing principles – how to write for the internet?

Having a copywriting talent is not the same as generating effective content for the web. Internet users are distracted by many stimuli while surfing, moreover […]

how to improve cta

How to improve CTA – 5 proven methods that will help you increase “call to action” effectiveness

CTA means “call to action”. It is the key element of mailings, landing pages and websites. The essence of CTA is to persuade the recipient […]


How to write tweetstorms and use Twitter effectively?

Social media is increasingly being used for efficient customer communication and marketing. One of the most popular among them is Twitter, which allows you to […]


How to write an Instagram bio for your business?

First impressions are made only once. In virtual reality, we observe a similar trend, the modern Internet user does not have time to thoroughly read […]

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