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subscription as a business model

Subscription as a business model for a startup – 3 useful hints

Subscription as a business model fits perfectly into the prevailing trends in the consumer market. Regular home delivery of basic necessities? Screening of the latest […]


Branding strategy for startups — where to start?

Building brand awareness (so-called branding) is the basis without which it is difficult to imagine undertaking any business activities. The term covers assigning meanings, creating […]


How to prepare your startup for the future?

By definition, a startup is the business of the future. It is oriented on constant and systematic development and based on innovations. That’s the main […]

Prepare your first e-book for customers

The process of distributing your first e-book for customers resembles a long-term investment. However, after some time, the painstaking work, dedication and hours of preparing […]

how to improve cta

How to improve CTA – 5 proven methods that will help you increase “call to action” effectiveness

CTA means “call to action”. It is the key element of mailings, landing pages and websites. The essence of CTA is to persuade the recipient […]


How to write an Instagram bio for your business?

First impressions are made only once. In virtual reality, we observe a similar trend, the modern Internet user does not have time to thoroughly read […]


How to create an infographic? 4 hints on how to do it effectively

Infographics make it possible to present content attractively on the Internet. Well designed infographics will catch the user’s eye much more effectively than text alone. […]

How to define your brand’s competitive advantage?

What makes a customer choose company A and ignore the arguments formulated by company B? The set of factors that convince the consumer that his […]


How to increase sales and get more leads with content marketing?

A content marketing strategy involves developing and distributing content according to a previously prepared communication plan. Designing such content that will answer the most common […]


5 landing page mistakes that cause conversions to drop

Not so long ago, the effectiveness of online advertising campaigns was verified on the basis of how many people clicked on the ad and visited […]


5 newsletter details that really make a difference

When it comes to writing newsletters, the devil is in the details, and they largely determine the success of the newsletter – a small mistake […]


Facebook and Instagram ad comparison. Where is it better to advertise?

The current fickle advertising market requires a presence in social media. Paving the way and pushing the envelope in online advertising, by and large it’s […]

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