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What is the EEIA model and what to write to sell?

What to write to sell? How is it that some posts are interesting to our fans, others go unnoticed? Better to focus on building your […]


Omnichannel in e-commerce. Why is it worth to conduct multi-channel sales and how to do it?

The share of e-commerce in the global economy is growing, and Amazon remains the most valuable brand in the world, provoking the end of traditional […]


Personal branding. Building a personal brand of a freelancer

If you’ve decided to work as a freelancer – congratulations. You probably have the skills that potential business partners want. What you’re probably missing is […]


E-mail marketing. How to prepare an effective campaign?

If today almost every internet user has at least one active e-mail address, preparing an effective e-mail marketing campaign shouldn’t be too much of a […]

content marketing 4111003 1920 800x700 - Content marketing in 2020 - what else can you improve in your activities?

Content marketing in 2020 – what else can you improve in your activities?

Content marketing aims to build a bond with your target audience. The systematic delivery of content consistent with the needs of recipients, which builds brand […]


How to increase sales without lowering prices? 18 ideas

Advertising on Facebook, remarketing, marketplaces… There are many ways to reach customers. Here are 18 ideas to increase sales without lowering prices – check it […]

video marketing

Video Marketing for Small and Medium Businesses

Video marketing is gaining more and more important in internet marketing. The art of creating mobile content is not only the domain of Youtube but […]

seo tools

SEO text creation – how to improve the content creation process?

High-quality SEO content has a significant impact on the effective optimization of your website. To write a good text for search engines and at the […]

podcast company

Podcast in marketing: what a corporate podcast can give you

A podcast is a relatively new, still developed, online medium. It is one of the most effective communication channels thanks to which you can reach […]

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