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Useful tips on making more sales in e-commerce: cross-selling

Sellers and marketers are eager to use techniques that help them move around their online store. One of them is cross-selling, which is also known […]

business plan for e-commerce

Business plan for e-commerce: how to construct, implement and start monetizing your online store

The functioning of even a small company should be based on a well-thought-out business plan. This document is a kind of framework, specifying the economic […]

leadership versus management

Leadership vs. Management / What is the difference between a leader and a manager? Characteristics and examples

In an ever-changing world, what’s better, to be a leader or a manager? This question is still on the minds of supervisors and executives. The […]


Is management an art or science?

Is management an art or science? Does it have to be both in order to contribute to profit generation and the company’s development? The completion […]


Popular management styles – Lewin-Lipitt-White & Reddin’s approach

People who perform tasks related to managerial functions in a company use methods to supervise people. Management styles vary according to experience, employees’ predispositions, or […]

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