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Storytelling in marketing – the most important rules

“Tell the story of the screws we produce in such a way that the story is as moving as the tale of Romeo and Juliet.” […]

earning on a blog

Earning on a blog — the most common mistakes

The blogosphere has grown significantly in recent years, attracting not only readers but also a wide range of companies that want to promote their products […]

Prepare your first e-book for customers

The process of distributing your first e-book for customers resembles a long-term investment. However, after some time, the painstaking work, dedication and hours of preparing […]


Web writing principles – how to write for the internet?

Having a copywriting talent is not the same as generating effective content for the web. Internet users are distracted by many stimuli while surfing, moreover […]


How to write an Instagram bio for your business?

First impressions are made only once. In virtual reality, we observe a similar trend, the modern Internet user does not have time to thoroughly read […]


Skillful internal linking – not so difficult but so worthwhile

Internal linking is an example of one of the basic SEO procedures. It consists of placing links inside the parent website, making it easier for […]


How to increase sales and get more leads with content marketing?

A content marketing strategy involves developing and distributing content according to a previously prepared communication plan. Designing such content that will answer the most common […]

Technical copywriting in the SaaS industry. How to do it right?

Subject matter expertise is essential to effective marketing, but it should not be confused with the technical expertise of a SaaS company’s employees (such as […]


SEO copywriting – 7 things to remember when creating SEO friendly content

High-quality SEO content has a significant impact on effective site optimization. In order to write a good text for search engines and at the same […]

How to write an e-commerce product description that drives sales?

According to data shared by OneSpace, as many as 98% of consumers admitted that a lack of product description is the top factor in their […]


Clickbait in headlines – is it a good way to increase website traffic?

Clickbait in article titles is one way to attract a large number of readers. But is it worth using this method on a blog? This […]


5 newsletter details that really make a difference

When it comes to writing newsletters, the devil is in the details, and they largely determine the success of the newsletter – a small mistake […]

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